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Toad for SAP Solutions 3.2 - Installation Guide

Troubleshoot Version Control

Troubleshoot Upgrades

For this release, the back-end of version control has been rewritten. If you previously used version control in Toad, the following may occur:

  • Version control settings are not migrated from the previous version of Toad, so you have to reconfigure version control in Toad.
  • In previous releases, the method Toad used to generate the script was different than the current method. After upgrading Toad and reconfiguring version control, the local revision of the objects differs from version control repository (The objects have Unknown status). If the object in your database is current, you should commit it into version control.  

Troubleshoot Other Issues

Review the following to help troubleshoot issues with version control:

Apache Subversion™ Issues Description

System cannot find file

If a message stating that, “The system cannot find the file specified” displays, this usually means that the Subversion executable cannot be found in the path you specified in the BinaryPath field of the Command Based Version Control Properties window. Verify that svn.exe exists in the directory you specified in this field.

Command execution

When executing Subversion commands, user input is not allowed. This presents an issue when the user is using Subversion with the SSH method and must enter a password to establish the Secure Shell.


Generate identity keys that automatically authenticate between the client and the server when connecting with SSH.

OutOfMemory exception when adding a large number of objects

When adding a large number of objects, Subversion may encounter OutOfMemory exception.


Commit objects in several steps.

SVN is missing in the list of available providers

If Subversion is missing in the list of available version control providers, it means that Subversion.xml was removed or corrupted.


Contact Support to get a new Subversion.xml and place it under <Toad install path>/Templates/Version Control/.

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