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Toad for Oracle 13.2 - Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Toad for Oracle.

Toad for Oracle 13.2

The following list of resolved issues includes issues received from the Toad for Oracle forum and Toad Beta users.

Issue ID Link to Forum Post Resolved Issue
TOR-822   Generated block produces variable names exceeding 30 chars
TOR-1176   Can't use Korean font
TOR-1263 link Breakpoint positions are lost when formatting
TOR-1831 link Impossible to CTRL+Click on package name
TOR-2105   Toad 12.12 menu font size does not change with Windows Control Panel display setting at 125%
TOR-2249 link SQL using ANSI join within PL/SQL doesn't execute when selected
TOR-2254   The Script Tab not showing NULL values
TOR-2603   overloaded procedure always selects the first instance when executing from the Schema Browser
TOR-2617   Default schema does not work in Editor as it used to.
TOR-2647   SVN: object fails if the comment matches the VCS Project name
TOR-2661   Rule 6405 is not triggered
TOR-2671   LIOOB querying tables with nested column types
TOR-2731 link Format Case Only replaces tab with space
TOR-2789   Opening Saved SQL from SQL Recall no longer displaying the name of the Saved SQL
TOR-2853   TSR prompts for password if it contains a space
TOR-2911   Connection colors not changing in windows - requires restarting Toad
TOR-3013   show pdbs command does not work in F5
TOR-3056   " Alt+/" not working for Upper case
TOR-3068   ORA-01017 error occurred when Toad recovers after crashing and reconnects.
TOR-3080   Cannot modify menu shortcut if it conflicts with another command
TOR-3106   Can't type € into the Toad Editor, Schema Browser, Import Filter, stc.
TOR-3114   When closing password prompt for connection, connection window closes
TOR-3128   Error and AV when altering a table when not restricted through Toad Security
TOR-3130   Compare Objects - Ignored Object Names cause false differences
TOR-3149 link Editor not opening correctly in SDI and One/Connection
TOR-3152 link Editor removes unprintable characters
TOR-3161 link Run Proc changing Toad's date format.
TOR-3164   SB Data filtering not working properly for certain tables
TOR-3167   Editor wrongly changing current schema after query when logged in as SYSDBA
TOR-3168   File splitting adds additional tags and open tabs with every save and split
TOR-3186 link Java name not shown on tab caption after compile
TOR-3194   Custom Data Filter in schema browser not working correctly
TOR-3195 link No way to include leading spaces on data import
TOR-3196   F4 Does not work in Current Statement tab
TOR-3214 link ORA-01719 during Schema compare
TOR-3245   Oracle Compatible Version handled incorrectly
TOR-3248 link Unchecking columns still includes them in SQL*Loader Control File
TOR-3250   OS Date settings not correctly detected
TOR-3251   ORA-00922 running tablespace script in Exadata 18c
TOR-3252   Data Generation - Commit Every option not saved in SQL*Loader file
TOR-3261 link CTRL+Insert not working in all grids
TOR-3265   /EXEC comman line parameter non-functional
TOR-3266   Toad's date format changing when windows date format changing
TOR-3280   Script generation queries against V$IM_COLUMN_LEVEL even when "In Memory" option is set to "Never"
TOR-3282   "Display all results in grid" not remembered in Export Dataset
TOR-3283   Auto Optimize won't connect EXTERNAL or Proxy connection
TOR-3285   F9 can stop working in the editor in SDI mode
TOR-3296 link Explain Plan not switching RAC instances in session browser
TOR-3297   Tables skipped if different PK but "Use DB Link" option checked
TOR-3299 link Access Violation with cursor bind variable
TOR-3304   Toad slow to start
TOR-3309   Full snippet is not detected correctly
TOR-3313   Large VARCHAR2 columns (>4000 chars) not copied
TOR-3315   Cntrl+Enter not working correctly when code includes Tabs
TOR-3341   Temp tbs of pluggable does not show while on container
TOR-3343   Missing support for LOW lob compression in GUI
TOR-3351   Spotlight essentials login fails
TOR-3360   Collation clause sometimes appears when not valid
TOR-3371 link Navigator not sorting alphabetically
TOR-3375   Toad Schema Browser access violation when refreshing job details in treeview
TOR-3376 link SQL Recall allowing duplicate statements to stack up
TOR-3384   Auto commit option reinstated
TOR-3387   Script is missing constraint references
TOR-3388 link Import Table Data looking at wrong decimal/thousand separator settings
TOR-3415 link Ctrl+Right does not stop on period
TOR-3433 link Fetch can't be cancelled on "group by"
TOR-3439 link DBMS Output polling not working
TOR-3448 link SB LHS and RHS can get out of sync
TOR-3452   Ctrl+Del behavior differs from Toad 12.7 and earlier
TOR-3453 link Editor dock layout is not remembered
TOR-3454   Can't always choose target table for export
TOR-3456   Access Violation when closing tab
TOR-3457   F5: Invalid data for a node of type 'CDATA' when running a query against dba_hist_sql_plan
TOR-3519   Error when trying to get index size from LHS Indexes
TOR-3557   Code Analysis messages window not being shown when no violations exist and manually launched
TOR-3587   SQLLoader can't run control files that specify datafile w/o path
TOR-3564   Script generation of Unified Audit Policies throws exception in Oracle 19c
TOR-3600 link Grid Find Dialog difficult to select rows
TOR-3602 link Error message is corrupr
TOR-3610   Use ALTER instead of CREATE OR REPLACE when possible with TYPES
TOR-3615 link Can't get past first nested object in grid popup editors
TOR-3618   DESC command is reporting wrong column size
TOR-3648 link Trigger Scripts: Schema name not getting added/removed in FOLLOWS
TOR-3701 link Next run date calculation sometimes showing wrong timestamp
TOR-3784 link Negative values appearing in Wait Event chart
TOR-3796   ORA-00942 in Schema Browser with Oracle Cloud ATP and SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege
TOR-3853 link Import Table Data GUI problem importing from multi-sheet excel file
TOR-3863 link Excessive white space at bottom of grid with vertically oriented monitor
TOR-3929 link File Compare/Merge window cuts off underscores when font size is increased
TOR-3970 link Object Type list is empty when compare single object is launched from DESC window
TOR-4013   RETENTION clause wrong in scripts with securefille LOBs.

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist in this release line at the time of the current release.

General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Toad's help cannot be opened from an installation path that contains Unicode characters. 72966

If you check "Indexes" on the Scripts tab for snapshots, then the primary key for the snapshot will be included in the script, even though the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement implicitly creates this primary key.

Toad currently does not differentiate between indexes created explicitly on the snapshot and indexes created automatically when the snapshot is created.

Workaround: If you are running the generated script to recreate the snapshot, then you can simply ignore the error that occurs when the script tries to recreate the primary key index for the snapshot. If you do not normally create indexes on snapshots, then you can uncheck "Indexes" when generating the snapshot script.


If you use 11g Oracle ODP.NET client or any other client that does not have the oci.dll in the BIN directory, Toad has the following problems:

  1. Client shows as invalid
  2. Client version is not detected
  3. As a result of #2, columns of the following datatypes are not shown in the Schema Browser table data: CLOB, BLOB, NCLOB, XMLTYPE, TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL, BINARY_DOUBLE, and BINARY_FLOAT


If there is an exception during debugging on a 10Gr2 or greater database, REFCURSOR output and DBMS output will not be available when debugging is completed. This is due to the target session not being available.

Workaround: To see REFCURSOR output and DBMS output, execute the procedure without the debugger.



While Toad supports LDAP connectivity, some features of Toad depend on tnsnames.ora file to operate correctly, such as Toad Script Runner (TSR).


Schema Browser

Sometimes after pressing "Compile invalid objects", you may get ORA-20000, ORA-06512, or ORA-06512 errors. This could mean that you do not have the privileges to compile the object, but it also happens when the schema contains a package body that does not have an associated spec.

Workaround: Look in the schema that you are trying to compile to see whether there are any orphan package bodies. If it is your own schema, then do:select * from user_objects o1 where object_type = ''PACKAGE BODY'' and not exists (select ''x'' from user_objects o2 where o2.object_name = o1.object_name and o2.object_type = ''PACKAGE'') Then drop any orphan package bodies that are found.



An access violation error may display when you close Toad in a Citrix XenApp environment.



Constraint scripts from Export DDL do not contain the "using index" or "tablespace" clause.


Data Modeler:

  • Generation of HTML reports of large diagrams may fail during generation of an image of the ER Diagram.
  • Comparison of large models may consume too much memory.

Data Grids known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

You may receive an "ORA-00902 invalid datatype" error when editing an object, nested table, or varray data if you have redefined the data type for that data during the current session.

Workaround: If you redefine an object type, nested table, or varray and then need to edit data in a table based on that type, end your current connection and begin a new one.


Full table data is not displaying in the live data grid (results from F9) if the data contains "zero" characers (ACII 0). In this case, all data after the zero character will not show in the grid.

Workaround: Double click on the data cell in the data grid to view full contents of data in a popup editor.


Code Analysis known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Saving results to a database: When dealing with nested procedures, Code Analysis can only insert run data from procs one level deep. N/A

Saving PL/SQL results to a database may fail or save invalid data to the database for invalid PL/SQL objects.

Workaround: To ensure PL/SQL results are saved to the database correctly, verify the validity of all objects before running Code Analysis.


Editor known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Toad errors when you query on a field of Oracle collection types.

Workaround: Execute using SQL*Plus.


When spooling to an unpinned output window, the window becomes unresponsive and errors are given when Toad is closed ("Canvas does not allow drawing").

Workaround: Keep the output window pinned.


If you use a non fixed-width font, the results are misaligned in the of Script Output tab in Editor after executing a SQL script.

Workaround: Go to Options | Scripts and select a fixed-width font for script output.


Session Browser known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
The Program name in the Session Browser may be blank or may be the full path to the executable instead of just the executable name. This depends on the Oracle client, not on Toad. N/A

In RAC databases, version (and possibly other 10.1 versions), the query used to populate the "Current Statement" in the Session Browser fails with the following error: Runtime error occurred: 12801 (ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server PZ99, instance <instance name> ORA-01008: not all variables bound) This problem does not occur in Non-RAC environments.

Workaround: Clear the "Use RAC Views" checkbox, and log into the appropriate instance of the database, if necessary.


Team Coding known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Creating a new revision or attempting to force a check-in to Visual Studio Team Services may result in a "404: Not Found" error. The current version of Team Foundation Server used by Visual Studio Team Services compares the source being uploaded with the source already in the repository. If the source has not changed, it may incorrectly return an error rather than allowing the forced revision. This appears to be a Microsoft issue. As a result, these two commands may fail.


When using the Team Foundation Server internal client and Team Foundation Server 2012 or 2013 alternate Team Project Collections, workspaces created outside of Toad are not visible from within Toad. A workspace may be created from Toad by clicking the ‘New’ button during the Team Foundation Server log in.

This is not an issue when using the Team Foundation Server external client.

Team Coding is disabled for mixed-case object names. N/A

With CVS, Toad may fail to retrieve the list of projects for you to select from in the CVS browser or in the Code Control Groups configuration.

Workaround: See "Missing CVS\Entries File Error" in the online help.

Team Coding and Clearcase: Dynamic Views are not supported via SCC interface. Snapshot Views must be used instead. (Rational case ID v0830629, Rational Defect # CMBU00053934) N/A

Unicode known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

The following features in Toad do not support Unicode:

  • ASM Manager
  • Export File Browser
  • Hex Editor

In addition, Java itself does not allow Unicode class names or file names. This is relevant to the Java Manager, Editor, and Schema Browser.


Editor options to highlight object names may not work for object names that contain Unicode characters.

Script Execution in Editor: Error offset can be incorrect when running scripts with multi-byte object names. N/A
XML (Plain) format creates bad XML if Unicode string values and Unicode column names are exported through Export Dataset. N/A

Import mapping for Unicode characters is incorrect if the characters are not a fixed width (such as Korean).

In Team Coding, objects with Unicode contents are supported, objects with Unicode names are not. Supported Version Control Providers do not support Unicode names. N/A

Third-party known issues

Known Issue Issue ID


(Affects the 64-bit version of Toad only)

If IE9 is installed, clicking a link in the Help file may crash Toad 64-bit, even if IE9 is not the default browser.

Workaround: Users who have IE9 installed can open Help from outside of Toad.


System Requirements

This section contains the hardware, software, and privileges required to run Toad for Oracle, as well as the database and virtual environments that Toad for Oracle supports.

Hardware requirements




1 GHz processor


  • 1 GB RAM - Toad for Oracle 32 bit
  • 2 GB RAM - Toad for Oracle 64 bit

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following: 

  • Applications that are running on your system
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database

Hard disk space

  • 120 MB - Toad for Oracle 32 bit
  • 150 MB - Toad for Oracle 64 bit

Operating system

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) - 2 CPU required
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 (32-bit and 64-bit) - 2 CPU required
  • Windows Server 2012 R1 and R2 (64-bit) - 2 CPU required
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10

Database requirements



Database client

An Oracle client must be installed and configured on the system where you are running Toad. The following are supported:

  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 12c Release 1 and 2
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 18c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 19c

Note: You must use the 32-bit version of Toad with the 32-bit Oracle client, and the 64-bit version of Toad with the 64-bit Oracle client.

Database server

Oracle versions:

  • 10g Release 2
  • 11g Release 1 and 2
  • 12c Release 1 and 2
  • 18c
  • 19c

Important: It is recommended that your client version be of the same release (or later) as your database server. This is an Oracle recommendation to prevent performance issues.

Cloud database service

Oracle Database as a Service on Amazon EC2 and Oracle Cloud


Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is being adopted by the US Federal Government and industries around the world. In its most basic format, the new protocol uses 128-bit addresses instead of 32-bit addresses, which are used by the current IPv4 to route packets over the Internet. Toad for Oracle features, such as FTP, access the Internet through third-party vendors that are IPv6 compliant, such as /nSoftware's IP*Works. For access to Web sites by way of the Toad Online window, Toad simply invokes the user-defined or default Web browser.

Additional requirements



Additional Software

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (to view video from the Jump list within Toad, and to view the product documentation in HTML format).
  • Microsoft Office 2016 and recent earlier releases are supported for Word and Excel output.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later (to view the product documentation in PDF format).
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to support the Toad for Oracle Editions Installer.

Virtualization support



Application virtualization

Citrix® XenApp

Desktop virtualization (VDI)

vWorkspace™ 7.0 has been tested.

Server virtualization

Oracle VM 3.1 has been tested.

VMware ESX Server 3.5, 4.0, and 5.5 have been tested.

Note: Toad may work in virtualization environments other than the ones listed.

Windows Privileges

In order to install and run Toad, make a connection, and do basic operations, you must have the following privileges.

Operating System


Windows 7

  • Read access to the Oracle client folder
  • Read/write privileges on the Oracle Home directories that you use for your connections

Windows 8 and later

Windows Server 2012 and 2016

  • Read access to the Oracle client folder
  • Read/write privileges on the Oracle Home directories that you use for your connections

Note: Other functionality in Toad may require additional privileges.

Product Licensing

To activate a trial

  1. Go to the trial download web page:, accessed through the product page.
  2. Select the Toad for Oracle Edition that you want to try.
  3. Log in to your account or register.
  4. Accept the license terms.
  5. Download the trial file.

To activate a purchased commercial license

  1. Go to the Quest Support website:
  2. Type the name of the product that you want to activate in the Enter your product to find support field.
  3. Select Download New Releases.
  4. Download the installer file.


  • License keys compatible with Oracle 9.7 and earlier versions are no longer supported.
  • Only the newer 48-character license keys are supported.
  • If you have an older license type, the Editions installer points you to the license web page where you can update it.
  • Toad supports cumulative licensing. You can add multiple licenses, including those for add-ons like Sensitive Data Protection, to Toad. Toad will use the licenses providing the highest degree of features.
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