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Toad for Oracle 12.6 - Release Notes

System Requirements

Table 13: System requirements

Requirement Details

1 GB RAM required for 32-bit

2 GB RAM required for 64-bit

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following: 

  • Applications that are running on your system
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database
Hard disk space

120 MB - Toad for Oracle 32 bit

150 MB - Toad for Oracle 64 bit

Operating system

Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows XP

Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) - 2 CPU required

Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) - 2 CPU required

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)

Note: Individual products may support earlier or later versions of Windows operating systems. See Product Release Notes.

Database requirements

Table 14: Database requirements




Database client

Oracle Client

Oracle Client or Instant Client

Oracle Client or Instant Client

Oracle Client or Instant Client 12c

Note: You must use the 32-bit version of Toad with the 32-bit Oracle client, and the 64-bit version of Toad with the 64-bit Oracle client.

Database server Oracle

Oracle 8.0.6; 8.1.7; 9i; 9i R2; 10g; 10g R2; 11g, 11g R2, 12c.


Toad has been tested on Oracle Exadata 2.0 running Oracle database 11g R2.

Important: It is recommended that your client version be of the same release (or later) as your database server. This is an Oracle recommendation to prevent performance issues.

Cloud database service

Oracle databases running on Amazon EC2

IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is being adopted by the US Federal Government and industries around the world. In its most basic format, the new protocol uses 128-bit addresses instead of 32-bit addresses used by the current IPv4 to route packets over the Internet. Toad for Oracle features such as FTP access the Internet through third-party vendors such as /nSoftware's IP*Works that are IPv6 compliant. For access to Web sites by way of the Toad Online window, Toad simply invokes the user-defined or default Web browser.


Additional requirements

Table 15: Component requirements



Additional Software

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (to view video via the Jump list within Toad, and the Release Notes).

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later (to view the Installation Guide).

    Virtualization support

    Table 16: Virtualization support

    Before installing Toad review the following for virtualization support:



    Application virtualization

    Citrix® XenApp 5.0 and 6.5 have been tested.

      Desktop virtualization (VDI)

      Dell™ vWorkspace™ 7.0 has been tested.

        Server virtualization

        Oracle VM 3.1 has been tested.

          VMware ESX Server 3.5 has been tested.

            Note: Toad may work in virtualization environments other than the ones listed.

            Product Licensing


            To activate a trial:

            1. Visit trial download web page:, accessed through the product page.

            2. Find your job function and select corresponding trial.

            3. Sign-in to your account or register.

            4. Complete brief survey.

            5. Download trial file.


            To activate a purchased commercial license:

            1. Visit support website:

            2. Click Download New Releases in the self-service section.

            3. Select product, select Edition and click Download.

            4. Sign-in to your account or register.

            5. Download commercial file.


            License keys compatible with Toad for Oracle 9.7 and earlier versions are no longer supported.

            To upgrade your key:

            1. Go to Help | Licensing to find your license number in the current version of Toad.

              If not explicitly listed, it may be included as part of the Site Message associated with your key.

              Example: ACCOUNTNAME-nnn-nnn-nnn.

            2. Go to the License Key Upgrade page:
            3. Enter your e-mail address and your existing license number, and follow the prompts.

            If you need help finding your license number or an upgrade key, please contact the License Administration team:

            Getting Started with Toad for Oracle 12.5

            Getting started with Toad for Oracle 12.6

            The Toad release package contains the following:

            1. Toad for Oracle 12.6

              Toad is available in different editions. The release package includes the edition that you purchased.

            2. Product Documentation, including:
              • Installation Guide
              • Beginner's Guide to Using Toad
              • Online Help
              • Release Notes

            Upgrade and installation instructions

            Please refer to the Installation Guide for installation and upgrade instructions.

            Upgrades for Toad install side-by-side with any previous versions you have installed. You can run the new and previous versions concurrently.

            The first time you run the new version of Toad, settings files from the previous version will be automatically imported. If you wish to start with a clean set of user files, run the Copy User Settings utility under the Utilities menu and select 'Create a clean set of user files from the base installation.'

            Note: Toad supports importing settings only if the new version is within two releases of the previous version. If your versions are more than two releases apart, you need to install an intermediate version to successfully import the files.

            Additional resources

            Additional information is available from the following:


            Global Operation Statement -Toad for Oracle 12.6

            This section contains information about installing and operating this product in non-English configurations, such as those needed by customers outside of North America. This section does not replace the materials about supported platforms and configurations found elsewhere in the product documentation.

            This release is Unicode-enabled and supports any character set. In this release, all product components should be configured to use the same or compatible character encodings and should be installed to use the same locale and regional options. This release is targeted to support operations in the following regions: North America, Western Europe and Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Far-East Asia, Japan.

            The release is localized to the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean.

            This release has the following known capabilities or limitations: Toad 12.6 is a Unicode application. As such, it has native support for any Oracle Unicode character set, such as UTF8 or AL32UTF8. There are some features in Toad which use or invoke Oracle Utilities or applications which are not themselves Unicode applications. Their functionality is therefore limited to the character set of the client on which Toad is running, and NLS_LANG must be carefully set to match the Windows character set

            We have also observed issues with US7ASCII when used with non Latin characters.

            Only reports are localized into Korean, and Japanese

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