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Toad for Oracle 12.5 - Release Notes



This section contains information about installing and operating this product in non-English configurations, such as those needed by customers outside of North America. This section does not replace the materials about supported platforms and configurations found elsewhere in the product documentation.

This release is Unicode-enabled and supports any character set. In this release, all product components should be configured to use the same or compatible character encodings and should be installed to use the same local and regional options. This release is targeted to support operations in the following regions: North America, Western Europe and Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Far-East Asia, Japan.

This release has the following known capabilities or limitations: Toad is a Unicode application. As such, it has native support for any Oracle Unicode character set, such as UTF8 or AL32UTF8. There are some features in Toad which use or invoke Oracle Utilities or applications which are not themselves Unicode applications. Their functionality is therefore limited to the character set of the client on which Toad is running, and NLS_LANG must be carefully set to match the Windows character set.

We have also observed issues with US7ASCII when used with non-Latin characters.

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