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Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Release Notes

Release Notes


Toad® for Oracle® 12.12

Release Notes

Revised 9/29/2017


About Toad for Oracle

Toad for Oracle provides an intuitive and efficient way for database professionals of all skill and experience levels to perform their jobs with an overall improvement in workflow effectiveness and productivity. With Toad for Oracle you can:

  • Understand your database environment through visual representations
  • Meet deadlines easily through automation and smooth workflows
  • Perform essential development and administration tasks from a single tool
  • Deploy high-quality applications that meet user requirements; perform predictably and reliably in production
  • Validate database code to ensure the best-possible performance and adherence to best-practice standards
  • Manage and share projects, templates, scripts, and more with ease

The Toad for Oracle solutions are built for you, by you. Nearly two decades of development and feedback from various communities like Toad World have made it the most powerful and functional tool available. With an installed-base of over two million, Toad for Oracle continues to be the “de facto” standard tool for database development and administration.

Toad for Oracle resources

The parent site for all Toad family products is, where you will find videos, white papers, web-based training, expert blogs and podcasts, as well as beta releases, trial downloads and much more. The Toad for Oracle Community on this site focuses this content specifically on Toad for Oracle.

Two of the most-often used features of Toad World are the Forums and the Idea Pond.

  • On the Idea Pond page, you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote for or against other customers' ideas. The Toad team takes your suggestions seriously, and you may even hear back from one of our developers on the topic. We encourage all Toad users from new to experienced to let us know how we can improve Toad.
  • On the Forum page, you can ask a question or start a discussion and view all other forums within the Toad community.

The Toad World blog pages feature a broad range of information, including topics of interest to our industry, as well as instructions from team members on how to use the latest Toad features.

The Toad for Oracle web-based training is a perfect accompaniment to your product license. This free training walks you through major product features and explains how to perform frequent tasks. You’ll also see how to utilize time-saving automation functionality. You’ll receive a certificate of completion for each course once you pass the accompanying test.

About this release

Toad for Oracle 12.12 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality.

About Toad® for Oracle® 2017 Editions

All commercial versions of Toad for Oracle are bundled with additional Quest products, based upon the license that you purchased. These bundles are known as Editions and include the following:

Toad for Oracle Base Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle®

  • Toad™ Data Modeler (free use)

Toad for Oracle Professional Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Professional
  • Toad™ Data Modeler (free use)

Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Xpert
    Includes all features in Base and Professional Editions
  • SQL Optimizer for Oracle®

Toad for Oracle Developer Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Xpert
  • Code Tester for Oracle®
  • Benchmark Factory® for Databases - Oracle Edition

Toad for Oracle DBA Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight on Oracle®
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory® for Databases - Oracle Edition
  • Toad® Data Modeler

Toad for Oracle DBA RAC Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight on Oracle® with RAC Option
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory® for Databases - Oracle Edition
  • Toad® Data Modeler

Toad for Oracle DBA Exadata Edition

  • Toad® for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight on Oracle® with RAC and Exadata Options
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle® Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory® for Databases - Oracle Edition
  • Toad® Data Modeler

For more information about the products in your Toad for Oracle Edition and the minimum system requirements for running these products, see the Toad for Oracle 2017 Editions release notes at:

New Features

  • The Automation Designer now has a Connection Iterator, which enables you to set up an action to run against multiple connections. Although you can run an action against multiple connections in the Automation Designer (right click, then select Run with Connections), the iterator will persist for future use. This action is available from the Control tab.
  • The legacy Schema Compare feature (Toad 12.10) has been combined with the Compare Multiple Schemas feature (Toad 12.11) to produce a new Compare Multiple Schemas feature. The 12.11 Compare Multiple Schemas window is now called “Compare Multiple Schemas – Legacy” and is removed from the menu. To restore it, right-click the main toolbar, then choose Customize. In the dialog, select the Commands tab, then click Compare, then drag Multiple Schemas – Legacy to the main menu under Database | Compare or any other location of your choice.
  • The Action Console has been mostly deprecated. The existing shortcut (Shift+F4) will continue to show Action Console in all places where it existed, but all right-click menus for Action Console and all toolbar buttons for it have been removed. These are replaced by a new advanced-context menu. When you SHIFT + right-click the name of an object in the Editor or other relevant areas of Toad, an advanced menu is displayed if the object can be resolved. If the object cannot be resolved, Toad shows the normal context menu.


Enhancements from Toad Idea Pond

The following is a list of enhancements requested by Toad for Oracle users on the Toad Idea Pond and implemented in this release.

The Idea Pond on Toad World is a site where you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote or comment on ideas submitted by other people. The Toad development team has always been driven by our customers, and the Idea Pond makes it easy for you to tell us what changes are most important. This site is free for all Toad customers.

Enhancement Link to Idea Pond
Displaying schema browser and editor on separate tabs Link
Allow multiple objects to have their Team Coding Lock Broken Link
Wrong number of blocks in partition grid Link
Is there a way to let TOAD detect the newline style? Link

Other enhancements

  • The Properties dialog of the Code Analysis action has been modified to allow just one file name, because users specify the same name for all output types in most cases. Now you specify one base file name and then select the output formats. Toad creates the files with the specified name and the appropriate file extension.
  • The pass/fail logic in Team Coding is now also in the Code Analysis functionality so that a user can fail the Code Analysis action if it does not meet specifications.
  • The icons in various areas of Toad have been updated to have a more contemporary appearance.
  • When you create a pluggable database, the final dialog now includes the option "Pluggable database management is available in the Database Browser" which opens the Database Browser for further work with the new database.
  • Support was added for "Authentication required" proxy connections. Note that SQL*Plus does not allow these types of connections, so if you attempt to launch SQL*Plus from this kind of connection in Toad, it will fail.
  • Added a tab on the RHS of the Schema Browser to display Code Tester unit tests that are associated with a selected PL/SQL object.
  • The right-click menu of a database object has been updated throughout Toad to remove redundancy and logically categorize the list of options and capabilities.
  • Toad Security was removed from the default menu due to lack of use.
  • The layouts of Compare Data and Compare Multiple Tables has been improved to make the interface easier to use.
  • An additional check was added to Team Coding to recognize when an object has been opened in the Editor (but not checked out) and another user changes that object's DDL before the first user can press compile. When this happens, Toad will prompt the first user that the database object has changed and give that user the option of merging the differences. This check helps prevent overwrites between users. Note: This only applies to objects opened in the Editor. It does not apply to objects being altered manually through free-form typing by the user.
  • When you mouse over a node in the Navigator to get the tooltip text, instead of showing the text for the entire anonymous block, Toad now shows the text of the cursors.

Resolved Issues

This section contains a list of the issues that were resolved in this release of Toad for Oracle.

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Editor: Alignment brackets (block staples) feature removed in 12.7 27 of 27 Return to search TOR-881

F5: wrong data format display for Oracle Type with date


Toad doesn't release memory when 'execute as script' is cancelled TOR-901
Non-SYS User logs in as SYSDBA, sees SYS's objects in dropdown TOR-940
Alt+Left Arrow does not always take you back to package body TOR-988
Disable "show diff details" for sys-named constraints where DDL cannot be fetched TOR-1003
Double-clicking in TC Manager opens VCS version of file vs local copy TOR-1022
Named SQL Drop down list is hard to read TOR-1031
Toad: FTP tool in Toad shows incorrect modified timestamp when connected via Secure FTP TOR-1180
When importing from *.xls version 5.0/95, Dates import as numbers TOR-1210
Add scrollbars to data compare TOR-1218
ora-00936 Missing Expression when clicking on the Locks | System tab of Session Browser TOR-1219
Scheduler Jobs > Scheduled Run Times tab not showing correct run times TOR-1222
Cursor jumps when dragging from OP to Editor TOR-1224
Anonymous Block with Bind Variable Executing Twice TOR-1225
Minimum size for tablespece file definition is computed incorrectly TOR-1236
Scheduler Jobs notifications not created when Schema is different than login schema TOR-1255
Explain plan window does not display content properly in Session Browser TOR-1256
12c: Users > Object grants tab uses bad query for low priv users TOR-1259
AV when formatting files with Execute Queries in Threads option turned on TOR-1265
Session Browser Disconnect Sessions and Kill Session buttons not active when setting DBA Role TOR-1277
List Index Out of Bounds error when comparing large files TOR-1310
Can't debug on Pluggable RAC TOR-1330
Export File Browser hanging TOR-1333
Temporal Validity not supported in table scripts TOR-1345
Reporting GMT time in its history, rather than local time TOR-1346
Issue found in Schema Browser refresh for TC objects TOR-1411
Breaking a lock in Team Coding doesn't update the VCS TOR-1415

Resolved formatting/parser issues:

  • Formatter: The alignment within the first statement ("chunk") of SQL text was offset by one position at times, as shown in the following example:










    TO ROLE "RL1";

    In a few other cases tokens were not correctly positioned.

  • Formatter: CREATE/ALTER TABLE/SEQUENCE: Moving some left hand side commas at the right hand side.
  • Code Analysis: Possible access violation in component QP5CA.dll on invalid Oracle $IF/$ELSE/$ENDIF syntax.
  • Code Analysis: After the work on rule 6406 ("Avoid multiple definitions of the same element in nested scopes.") the Rule Universe was wrongly left unchanged causing the old legacy logic still to be used.
  • Code Analysis: Rule 5809 ("Ensure elements in the SELECT list (either columns or expressions) are qualified by a table/view name.") now only hits when more than one table reference, unless we have queries in the WHERE clause.
  • Code Analysis: Rule 3807 ("Avoid using a RETURN statement in a procedure.") has been removed as it duplicates Rule 5601 ("Avoid using RETURN statements in a PROCEDURE.").


Resolved formatting/parser issues:

  • Queries: FLASHBACK clause: support for AS OF clauses in mixed order.
  • CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG: support for any kind of PARALLEL clause.
  • ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG: supports the same partitioning clauses as in ALTER TABLE.
  • GRANT/REVOKE: Indenting ON and TO clauses.
  • Code Analysis:

    • New Rule 5920 ("Apply the invoker rights method to all stored code that executes dynamic SQL")
    • Rule 5906 ("Found a literal containing an email address or URL.") : This customer specific rule has been generalized to recognize email addresses and URLs.
    • Rule 5916 ("Beware of and avoid implicit data type conversions.") : Will detect many more forms of TO_DATE, TO_TIMESTAMP and TO_CHAR(date).
    • Rule 2812 ("Consider defining subtypes for variables with identical datatypes.") : This rule was defective.
    • Rule 2131 ("Use CONSTANT keyword wherever possible.") : Did unexpectedly fire on an object method invocation.


Resolved formatting/parser issues:

  • Fixed access violation when running in 64 bit mode on Windows 10 when calling the formatter and options GUI.
  • - Fixed possible access violation when running in 64 bit mode on Windows 10 when calling the formatter and options GUI.
  • Code Analysis Rule 5901 ("FND_GLOBAL.apps_initialize string found within code. Please use xxccs_fea_utl_session.apps_initialize() instead.") This rule has been removed as it all customer specific. Private rules can be created as needed (range 7000-9999).
  • Code Analysis Rule 2911 ("Replace DECODE function with CASE construct .") partially duplicated Rule 5816 ("Use CASE construct rather than DECODE."). It has been combined with Rule 5816 and removed.
  • Code Analysis Rule 4537 ("Utilize the CONTINUE statement rather than a GOTO or an extra level of conditional logic within a looping construct.") This will now work with back GOTOs only.
  • Code Analysis Rule 5003 ("Avoid initializing variables to NULL.") CONSTANT declarations are now skipped.
  • Code Analysis Rule 5809 ("Ensure elements in the SELECT list (either columns or expressions) are qualified by a table/view name.") False positive with inline queries and CAST.

    SELECT ( SELECT 1 FROM dual d3 ) FROM dual d1 CROSS JOIN dual d2;


    FROM dual

    CROSS JOIN dual;


Resolved formatting/parser issues:

GRANT/REVOKE: Added missing 12cR2 privileges.

Queries: Support for a sequence of multiple PIVOT/UNPIVOT clauses in a table reference.

SqlPlus: Removed unwanted space in @- and @@-commands.

Code Analysis Rule 2106 ("Avoid unnecessary references to schema names.") This rule has been removed because it is too context dependent.

Code Analysis Rule 2120 ("Avoid SELECT statements with more than two UNION operations.") Now has a "variable" for the maximum number of subqueries.

Code Analysis Rule 2752 ("Use named parameter notation") Will now exclude all Oracle built-in functions.

Code Analysis Rule 2832 ("Avoid hard-coded constraints on VARCHAR2 variables by anchoring the declaration to a variable or column with %TYPE, or by defining a SUBTYPE and then declaring the variable based on that subtype.") Will no longer raise inside XMLTABLE function.


Compare Schemas comparing a schema to itself with direct connections


Schema Browser can be slow to refresh TC status columns


Resolved formatting/parsing issues:

  • Improved syntax check on PLS_INTEGER data type usage.
  • The function LISTAGG can now have one argument as well.
  • Formatting enhanced for some or all forms of:


    ALTER TABLE (each clauses on its own line)







  • CREATE VIEW and CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW had different column arrangements. Both are now unified.
  • Column alignment in CREATE TABLE is fixed.
  • Model clause formatting is enhanced.
  • Rule 2831 ("Use PLS_INTEGER instead of INTEGER or equivalent subtypes.") No longer raising in CAST(... AS data-type), and in column definitions or attributes found in CREATE/ALTER TABLE, CLUSTER, TYPE.
  • Rule 2118 ("Avoid DDLs other than Truncate, Exchange/Split partition.") Will now process DDL quoted inside an EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement only, excluding all other DDL statements.
  • Fixed access violation during legacy rule processing when having a token larger than 1,000 characters in the input text. The new limit is 500 KB.


Debugging on RAC doesn't always work


Resolved formatting/parser issues:

  • Fixed access violation that occurred while editing.
  • Enhanced Parser support for SQL*Plus 12c Release 2.
  • Code Analysis Rule 4204 ("Avoid IF when assigning values to boolean variables.") : Renamed the rule. Old name was "Use a Boolean rather than a complex condition".
  • Code Analysis Rule 4503 ("Calls to DBMS_ADDM require optional OEM packs for DIAGNOSTIC + TUNING.") : Fixed a typo: Using the name DBMS_ADDM rather than DBMS_ADM.
  • Code Analysis Rule 5914 ("Use untransformed column values in the WHERE clause.") : This rule should now only hit real columns.
  • Added new Code Analysis rules detecting redundant parentheses:

    • Rule 6812 ("Avoid parentheses around the entire condition.")
    • Rule 6813 ("Avoid parentheses around simple conditions.")
    • Rule 6814 ("Avoid parentheses around expressions with same precedence.")
    • Rule 6815 ("Avoid parentheses around one side of a condition.")


Schema compare treating system named FK constraints as different


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