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Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Customize Schema Drop-Downs

You can customize schema drop-downs by creating a list of favorites, hiding schemas, setting the default schema for connections, and other options. Changes apply to all windows with the schema drop-down, such as the Editor and Schema Browser.

To set a default schema

Right-click the schema in the schema drop-down and select Set <schema name> to Default Schema.

To customize schema drop-downs

  1. Right-click the schema drop-down and select Customize.
  2. Select schemas to categorize and click the > button.
  3. To hide schemas, select Hidden Schemas in the Category field for the schema.
  4. To create a new category, enter the category name in the Category field for the schema. The new name becomes available in the Category drop-down.
  5. To change when the schema is categorized, select the When to Categorize field for the schema and click .


Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

You can access the features of the following Quest products from within Toad to expand your ability to manage your code and your database.


Link to Toad Intelligence Central

Link to Toad Intelligence Central from Toad

Toad integrates with Toad Intelligence Central to support team productivity, conformity to rules, agile deployment processes, and management reporting and control. To use this feature, a Toad Intelligence Central server must be installed and configured.

The Toad Intelligence Central window docks on the left-hand side of the Toad interface, or you can drag it to make it float in the foreground.

To access the Toad Intelligence Central window

Go to View | Intelligence Central, or select in the Toad toolbar.

Note: If the icon is not visible, right-click the main Toad toolbar area and then select Toad Intelligence Central.

To connect to a Toad Intelligence Central server

  • In the Toad Intelligence Central window, click .
  • Enter the connection information for the Toad Intelligence Central server, a display name (for use in your own Toad environment) for the connection, and your login credentials. You can use your Windows credentials or Toad Intelligence Central credentials if you have them. This information is stored as a connection for faster access the next time you need to log in to that server. The connection is re-established the next time that you open Toad.

To view notifications

Click on the main Toad toolbar to view and manage notifications that alert you to changes made to artifacts that are shared with you.

To publish artifacts to the TIC Server

Click (Publish to Intelligence Central) in Toad features that support Toad Intelligence Central.

See Publish Artifacts to the Toad Intelligence Central Server in the online help for more information.

To pull artifacts from the TIC Server

In most cases, you can use the (Pull from Intelligence Central) button to download artifacts from certain toolbars in Toad.

See Pull Artifacts from the Toad Intelligence Central Server in the online help for more information.


Integrate Toad with Code Tester for Oracle

Code Tester for Oracle® automates the process of testing PL /SQL programs, making it possible for you to identify bugs and verify program correctness in a fraction of the time it has taken previously. Toad contains a subset of Code Tester functionality to allow you to create unit tests as an integral part of your code execution.

Run unit testing on your code

Note: Toad contains a subset of Code Tester functionality. Code Tester for Oracle itself is a standalone product. For full information about using Code Tester, please open Code Tester and see its relevant documentation.


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