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Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Script Debugger Overview

The Script Debugger is an extension to the Editor that you can use to debug short scripts. Using the Script Debugger, you can do the following in addition to standard Editor functions:

  • Set Breakpoints
  • Run to Cursor
  • Step Over
  • Trace Into
  • Halt Execution

Note: Standard source control fully integrates with the Script Debugger. However, you cannot use Team Coding with the Script Debugger.

To use the Script debugger

From the View | Toad Options window, select Debug | Script Debugger.

To commit changes

Click on the main toolbar. This will commit changes in both sessions.


View Script Output

After you run a script, Toad displays the output and maintains a running list of system variables and user variables. This lets you keep track of what has been set.

Use the toolbar buttons to copy or print the output, and to save the output to a file or Excel spreadsheet.

Tab Description

Displays any output from the script you are running, such as errors, status of system variables, and data in output format.

Errors Displays errors. Click an error to go to the location in the script where the error occurred. Double-click an error to jump to possible solutions.
Grids Display the data selected by the script. One grid displays for every select statement.

Displays output for all the scripts run during this session, or until the history tab is cleared. This tab is hidden by default, but can be turned on in the options.

See Execute and Compile Options in the online help for more information.

Environment Displays user, system, and bound variables and their values for the script.


Set Breakpoints

Toad provides an intuitive and efficient way to write, run, and test your SQL and PL/SQL code. Toad supports efficient code management for a single developer or a whole team of developers.


About Breakpoints

Breakpoints are markers in your code where you want to stop execution during debugging. The breakpoints window displays as a tab in the desktop panel beneath the main Editor window. If you cannot see the Breakpoints tab, you may need to add it to your desktop.

From the Breakpoints window, you can easily work with your breakpoints. You can select from the toolbars on the window itself, or you can use the right-click menu to access more functions.

To add the breakpoints tab to your desktop

Right click in the desktops area and select Desktop Panels | Breakpoints. The breakpoints tab displays.

To open the breakpoints window

In the desktop area, click the Breakpoints tab.

See the online help for more information about using Breakpoints.


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