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Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Jump search

Use the Jump Search feature to find almost any Toad feature or functionality. You simply type in one or more keywords, or the name of a Toad feature, and Toad shows it to you – right there in the interface. You can also link to Jump Search solutions by clicking any error that is returned when you run your code in the Editor.

Jump Search also shows links to internal help topics and relevant Knowledge Base articles. In addition, it shows links to external resources that provide a wealth of information and how-to videos about Toad from various online sources.

To use Jump Search

By default, the Jump Search field is located to the far right side of the main toolbar.

The following example shows some of the ways to use Jump Search:

  • Type "code snippets" in the Jump Search field on the main toolbar.
  • Under Menus and Toolbars, double-click View > Code Snippets. You are taken to that menu item.
  • Double-click the Search Web header to open your default browser.
  • Double-click a link under Knowledge Base to open the target article in Toad.

Toad also jumps from error dialogs to the Jump search where the error message is then copied so you can quickly find answers.

How Jump search functions

The following points highlight key functionality of Jump Search

Search is based on your license

Jump search results reflect licensing. For example:

  • A search on 'Health Check' will not produce results if you have a Standard license.
  • A search on 'Code Analysis Rules' will not produce results if you do not have the Professional Edition.

Jump search results reflect Toad security.

Clicking on a search result, such as Editor > Save File, applies the same inherent limitations you would experience in your instance of Toad.

Items searched

If available with your license, Jump Search searches the following:

  • Windows and most controls on all major windows. These search results, or Targets, are contained in a file in the user application data directory named "JumpTargets.dat."


    • If the Target is on a connection-bound window and no connection is present you'll be informed.
    • If the Target is on, say, Step 3 of a wizard pane, it will take you to the control on step 3, even if this means the window is not in a useable state.
      The error will indicate "Item not available in current window state."
    • The "as you type" facility uses a priority-based search algorithm which examines the various components of the Target display string: the window, the path to the Target, and the destination Target itself, and gives priority first to the control, next to the window and then to the path.
  • Toad Options.

    Note: You can also go to View | Toad Options and use the Search field at the bottom of that window to limit your search to Toad Options.

  • All menu items and main form toolbar buttons. If you have customized your toolbars, and you removed an item for which you are searching, it will open the toolbar customization dialog to let you know that item is no longer there.
  • Files. A variety of file paths are included in the set Toad searches. Among them are:

    • All Toad installation and application directories
    • All Toad MRU files
    • All filenames embedded in Actions
  • All of the items of SQL Recall
  • Code Analysis Rules. All of the following fields are searched:

    • RuleID
    • Category
    • Type
    • Severity
    • Description
  • Toad World User Forums. The Toad World User Forums are searched and links are provided to blog posts, forum questions and answers, and how-to videos, which display directly within Toad.
  • Help Documentation
  • Search Web. Double-clicking this link loads your search string into your default Web browser. To specify the search engine to use, go to View | Toad Options | Online | Jump Search, and then select a name under Jump Search.
  • Knowledge Base. Links to the Toad Knowledge Base articles that match your search term are displayed. Double-click any link to show the article within Toad.
  • Product Page and Videos. Links to the Toad page on the support site and links to videos about Toad.


Toad Advisor

Toad is self-diagnosing. If you are having difficulties with Toad that you cannot understand nor fix, the Toad Advisor may be able to help you. It offers warnings, alerts, and hints concerning the current state of your Toad installation. If you are in a managed environment, it specifies which features in Toad are managed, and to what extent.

To use Toad Advisor

  1. Select Help | Toad Advisor.
  2. Review the results, which are divided into the following categories:
    Category Description


    Describe things that should be fixed immediately


    Describe things that may have an impact upon Toad's functionality


    Provide information about your Toad installation that may affect how Toad works

    Performance suggestions

    Describe settings that could be changed to improve speed of performance

    Tip: Select a result for additional information in the bottom pane. You can double click the performance suggestions to navigate direction to the relevant Toad option.


Toad World

The parent site for all Toad family products is, where you will find videos, white papers, expert blogs and podcasts, as well as beta releases, trial downloads and much more.

The Search bar on this website not only finds items that match your search criteria, it also groups them by category, such as Ideas, Blogs, Forums, and so forth.

Two of the most-often used features of Toad World are the Forums and the Idea Pond.

Idea Pond

On the Idea Pond page of Toad World, you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote for or against other customers' ideas. The Toad team takes your suggestions seriously, and you may even hear back from one of our developers on the topic. We encourage all Toad users from new to experienced to let us know how we can improve Toad.

To submit an idea

  1. Log into Toad World at
  2. Click Submit New Idea, then select a category.
  3. Complete the information, then click Save.

To vote on an issue

In the list of ideas or within the idea itself, click the up arrow to vote for the issue or click the down arrow to vote against it.

Toad World Forums

You can access the Toad World forums directly from Toad in one of these ways:

  • Click an action from the Toad World menu on the main toolbar (next to Jump Search by default):

  • Select Help | Toad World.

From here you have access to the following:

  • Forums: Opens all forums in a single pane.
  • Ask Question or Start Discussion: Opens a new forum thread, where you can create and post your question or discussion topic.
  • Sign In or Register. This feature uses single sign-on (SSO).
  • Forgot Password: Get help with your password.

Note: If you don't see these options, right-click on the mail toolbar and select Restore defaults.

Tips for using the forums in Toad

  • When the viewing area is open (by clicking a forum post within Toad), CTRL+R brings up the comment area; CTRL+Enter posts the comment; ESC closes the comment area if open, or closes the entire viewer if the comment area is not open .
  • You can add attachments to your posts online and within Toad.
  • You can reply to an individual post or to the entire thread. Answers percolate to the top of the thread to make it easier to find answers to questions.
  • Select Suggested Answer if you are not positive your answer is correct.
  • Use the tabs to filter and organize the threads.

Tips for using the forums on Toad World

  • You can subscribe to the forum or follow only your own questions/discussions, and those to which you respond.
  • Select Use rich formatting to format your reply or question and add the ability to include an attachment or embed content.
  • To receive emails that follow all posts, go navigate to | Forums | Email Subscribe to Forum.
  • To receive emails that follow a specific thread when you reply to a post or start your own, open the thread then select Email Subscribe to Replies.
  • You can select Stop receiving emails on this thread in the emails you receive.


Toad Web-based Training

Make the most out of your investment by expanding your knowledge of the Toad product line. Web-based training is a perfect accompaniment to your product license. This training walks you through major product features and explains how to perform frequent tasks. You will also see how to utilize time-saving automation functionality.

These self-paced, web-based training courses are available for free to all Toad World registered users. You will receive a certificate of completion for each course once you pass the accompanying test.

Note: Make certain the view the System Requirements on the landing page to ensure that your system can run the courses properly.

To register for Toad world

Go to, then click Register.

To go to the training

Go to Make certain to log in with your Toad World credentials.


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