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Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents Welcome to Toad Toad Resources Required Privileges Create and Manage Database Connections Editor Basics Schema Browser Basics Data Grid Basics Work with Data Work with Database Objects Work with Code
Write Statements and Scripts Work with the Query Builder Execute Statements and Scripts Save Statements (SQL Recall) Work with PL/SQL Objects Debug Analyze Code Optimize SQL
Customize your Toad Environment Use Other Quest Software Products with Toad

Perform Calculations on Grid Cells

You can perform basic calculations on data grid cells, such as finding the sum or average of the selected cells.

Note: This feature is not available if Row Select is enabled. To disable Row Select, right-click the grid and clear the Row Select option.

To perform calculations on grid cells

  1. Select adjacent cells in the grid.

    Note: Calculations on non-adjacent cells is not supported.

  2. Click in the grid toolbar (CTRL+N). The calculations display in a new row below the grid.

    Tip: You can also right-click the grid and select Calculate Selected Cells.

  3. To include additional types of calculations (such as the average or count), click the arrow by and select the appropriate options.


Use the Calculator

You can access a calculator within Toad data grids. To use the calculator, the table must be editable. Understand Editable Resultsets

To access the calculator

  1. Click in a numeric cell. A drop-down arrow displays.
  2. Click the arrow to display the calculator.


Work with Database Objects

Toad enables you to view, add, modify, and get information about database objects. You can work with these objects quickly and without having to use SQL commands.


Describe Objects

You can use the Describe Objects feature anywhere in Toad to find objects and display their information in the Describe Objects window. The Describe Objects window displays the same information you would see in the right-hand side of the Schema Browser.

Note: You can describe many objects types through database links. However, the following object types are not supported: policy, policy group, java, refresh group, resource groups/plans, sys privs, and transformations.

To immediately describe the object

  1. Select the object and press F4.

    Tip: You can also right-click the object and select Describe.

  2. If multiple objects have the same name, select the appropriate object from the Multiple Object Found window. (This only applies to the object types in DBA_OBJECTS.)

To specify the object schema and name before describing the object

  1. Press CTRL+D to open the Quick Describe window.
  2. Enter the object name in the Object Name field. You can complete the rest of the fields to refine your search. These fields are helpful when multiple schemas may contain objects with the same name, or when different object types have the same name (for example, a SYSTEM user and table).
  3. Click Describe and Close to open the object in the Describe Objects window and close the Quick Describe window. If you click Describe instead, the Quick Describe window remains open.


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