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Toad for Oracle 12.11 - Release Notes

Release Notes


Toad™ for Oracle® 12.11

Release Notes

Revised 6/19/2017

About Toad

Toad for Oracle provides an intuitive and efficient way for database professionals of all skill and experience levels to perform their jobs with an overall improvement in workflow effectiveness and productivity. With Toad for Oracle you can:

  • Understand your database environment through visual representations
  • Meet deadlines easily through automation and smooth workflows
  • Perform essential development and administration tasks from a single tool
  • Deploy high-quality applications that meet user requirements; perform predictably and reliably in production
  • Validate database code to ensure the best-possible performance and adherence to best-practice standards
  • Manage and share projects, templates, scripts, and more with ease

The Toad for Oracle solutions are built for you, by you. Nearly two decades of development and feedback from various communities like Toad World have made it the most powerful and functional tool available. With an installed-base of over two million, Toad for Oracle continues to be the “de facto” standard tool for database development and administration.

Toad resources

The parent site for all Toad family products is, where you will find videos, white papers, web-based, training, expert blogs and podcasts, as well as beta releases, trial downloads and much more. The Toad for Oracle Community on this site focuses this content specifically on Toad for Oracle.

Two of the most-often used features of Toad World are the Forums and the Idea Pond.

  • On the Idea Pond page, you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote for or against other customers' ideas. The Toad team takes your suggestions seriously, and you may even hear back from one of our developers on the topic. We encourage all Toad users from new to experienced to let us know how we can improve Toad.
  • On the Forum page, you can ask a question or start a discussion and view all other forums within the Toad community.

The Toad World blog pages feature a broad range of information, including topics of interest to our industry as well as instructions from team members for using the latest Toad features.

The Toad web-based training is a perfect accompaniment to your product license. This free training walks you through major product features and explains how to perform frequent tasks. You’ll also see how to utilize time-saving automation functionality. You receive a certificate of completion for each course once you pass the accompanying test!

About this release

Toad 12.11 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality.

About Toad for Oracle 2017 Editions

All commercial versions of Toad are bundled with additional Quest products, based upon the license that you purchased. These bundles are known as Editions and include the following:

Toad for Oracle Base Edition

  • Toad™ for Oracle®
  • Toad™ Data Modeler (free use)

Toad for Oracle Professional Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Professional
  • Toad™ Data Modeler (free use)

Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Xpert
    Includes all features in Base and Professional Editions
  • SQL Optimizer for Oracle®

Toad for Oracle Developer Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Xpert
  • Code Tester for Oracle®
  • Benchmark Factory™ for Databases - Oracle® Edition

Toad for Oracle DBA Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight™ on Oracle®
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory™ for Databases - Oracle® Edition
  • Toad Data Modeler

Toad for Oracle DBA RAC Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight™ on Oracle® with RAC Option
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory for Databases - Oracle® Edition
  • Toad Data Modeler

Toad for Oracle DBA Exadata Edition

  • Toad for Oracle® Xpert
  • DB Admin Module Add-on
  • Spotlight™ on Oracle® with RAC and Exadata Options
    Includes Spotlight on Unix/Linux, Spotlight on Windows, and Spotlight on Oracle® Data Guard
  • Benchmark Factory for Databases - Oracle® Edition
  • Toad Data Modeler

For more information about the products in your Toad Edition and the minimum system requirements for running these products, see the Toad for Oracle 2017 Editions release notes at:

New Features

The following new features were introduced in this release of Toad for Oracle.

Cloud support

Toad now enables simple movement to and from cloud-based Oracle installations. Pluggable databases can now be cloned from one server to another through a database link instead of having to manually copy files.

Toad Intelligence Central Integration

The execution of artifacts from Toad in Toad Intelligence Central has been removed.

Team Coding

  • The ability to view annotations for VCS files has been added to the Object Properties window in Team Coding. Annotations allow you to view the line-by-line contents of a file, as well as the revision and the author who made the change. Hovering over the revision number in this tab shows details for the revision in a hint.
  • Team Coding now enables you to add unit tests to the VCS. This applies to unit tests created within Toad from the PL/SQL Results window. To enable this feature, add the schema of the user that created the unit tests to a team project, then select the Unit Test object type under that schema. Note: Unit tests are tied to the user who created the test, not to the database object on which the test is run. Therefore, this control applies to any unit test created against any database object, whether the database object is controlled or not.

Session Menu

  • Session | New Connection now displays all possible connection types in the Connect As drop-down list, including SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, and SYSKM for Oracle 12c.
  • A new SessionTransactions feature enables you to determine whether open sessions are performing a transaction. You can leave this window open while you work to keep track of their state. Toolbar options enable you to roll back the transaction or commit it. The view can be refreshed manually or by means of an auto-refresh schedule that you can set.

Schema Browser

  • The Schema Browser right-hand side Deps tabs now has an option to send all or selected objects to the Export DDL window.
  • Toad now supports the granting of the Common role in the Create/Alter User command, as well as in the Users | Role Grants, and Users | Script tabs.
  • When a User is selected in the Schema Browser, the RHS now shows the Container Data Restrictions tab, which shows the PDBs to which that user has access.
  • A new Container Database Resource Plans object was added to the Schema Browser object list.
  • Toad now supports Oracle 12cR2 index usage tracking. A Usage tab on the RHS of the Schema Browser when an index is selected shows the number of usages per number of rows retrieved, taken from DBA_INDEX_USAGE and V$INDEX_USAGE_INFO. Note that this data is SAMPLED, so it does not capture 100% of the usages. To see the tracking information, you must connect to an Oracle database that is 12cR2 or newer and be able to select from DBA_INDEX_USAGE.
  • A new option of Enable On Query Computation was added to Database | Create | Materialized View to support real time materialized views, new in Oracle 12cR2.
  • Toad now allows users to name and save the query on the Data tab of the Schema Browser for tables, views, and materialized views .


  • The new Compare Schemas Wizard provides an easier to use interface for doing a one-to-one comparison between schemas. One of the unique features of the Wizard is to allow for the adding or checking in of the generated script to source control. To use the wizard, go to Database | Compare | Compare Schemas, or click in the Automation Designer.
  • The new Compare Multiple Tables feature allows you to compare and synchronize multiple tables between two schemas. To use this feature, select Database | Compare | Compare Multiple Tables or click in the Automation Designer.
  • Database | Compare | Schemas now supports the use of DBMS_REDEFINITION to sync tables that are missing a column that is in the middle of the table.
  • Database | Create | User now has a Container Data Restrictions tab that provides the ability to specify the PDBs (or all PDBs) to which the grants apply. This eliminates the need to manually add the CONTAINER = clause when adding a user to a container database.
  • Create/alter DB Link now has a Use TNS info from TNSNames.ora checkbox. When this option is selected, the DB Link DDL will include "(Description=(Address=(......" (instead of the name of TNS Names entry) for the USING clause. The benefit of doing it this way is that it does not require a TNSNames entry to exist on the server of the database where the DB Link resides.
  • A new Include Pluggable Databases option was added to the Administer Tablespace feature (Database | AdministerTablespaces). This option shows only when Toad is connected to a container database. When this option is selected, the Space, Files, and Objects tabs will show data from the container database and all running pluggable databases. Space History and IO History do not work in this mode. F4 works only on the current database (the container in this case). The Reclaim and Alter functions work against any tablespace/datafile.
  • In Database | Report | Reports Manager, it is now possible to put multiple unrelated queries (from different views) into a single Report Manager report. A new button was added for this purpose on the Master Dataset tab.


  • An Errors tab has been added to the Script Output window of the Editor. This will provide quick access to error information when executing code as a script.
  • The Editor debugger now allows selecting from a table as an input argument value. Type the SELECT statement in the Input column of the grid in on the Arguments tab of the Set Parameters dialog, and then set Input Type to Expression. The SELECT is shown in the Anonymous Block code window with the required INTO statement. To avoid Oracle errors when the block is executed, make sure that the SELECT limits rows properly. The query must return a single value (one column, one row).
  • You can now save Code Analysis results as JSON files. After you run Code Analysis on an object, click the Save button in the tool bar and then select JSON as the file format.
  • The Create Unit Test command (on the PL/SQL Results tab) now enables you to attach new test cases to an existing test definition. To do this, select Attach To Existing in the Create Test Case dialog.

Automation Designer

  • The Automation Designer now has a Query Iterator, which enables you to enter a query, and for each row in the result set, one or more child actions does something with the query result. For example, the query could select a list of tables, and then Toad could run some action with each of those values. The Query Iterator is the only iterator in Toad that produces multiple variables (one for each column of your SELECT statement).
  • Support has been added for variables in the Object Owner, Name, and Type fields for the Export Dataset (Export Objects) and Export DDL(Objects and Output) actions.
  • The Automation Designer now has a new Compare Files action. You can compare a pair of files or all files in a pair of folders.
  • The Delete Directory action now contains options for handling folders that contain files or subfolders.
  • The Create Directory action now has a Browse button.
  • The Create File action now has a Save dialog. Changes to the file name and/or encoding updates the controls on the action properties dialog, and values on the action properties dialog are the initial values shown in the file selection dialog.


  • The following changes were made to the Utilities | Compare Files utility:

    • A Format source before comparing option was added to Compare Files. Selecting this option automatically formats both files before performing the comparison. Both files will also have their "/* Formatted on... */" header comment stripped to prevent showing as a difference in the results. However, for backward compatibility, clicking the Format tool button to manually format the files will not strip the format header. Unchecking this option will not automatically format the files before comparison.
    • By default, the Compare Files window will now find the next/previous differences by block, rather than by line. You can change this option by clicking (Options) in the Compare Files toolbar, then selecting Finds next difference line.
  • The TNS Names editor has been redesigned for better overall usability. This new editor functions similarly to Toad's regular Editor, with a main editor and a tabbed navigation panel on the left hand side. You can still create, edit, clone, and delete entries visually, but the new editor provides a cleaner way of working with TNS files directly. Additional features include:

    • Ability to open more than two files

    • Ability to compare the contents of two tabs in the editor, or between a file on a tab and an external file.

    • Support for multiple TNS entry formats

    • Ability to view the left-hand side by host or by service

    • Ability to view cases where multiple items exist for a node. When viewing in host mode, this can be useful in detecting duplicate TNS entries with different names.

Other new features

  • A Toad World Toolbar was added next to the Jump Search in the main toolbar. This toolbar enables you to browse the forums, ask a question, start a discussion, sign in to (or create) a Toad World account, and manage your password, all with the click of a button.
  • Export Dataset with the Delimited Text format selected now includes a quick way to create an IN list for your SQL from field values in a grid. Select the Export as "in" list for SQL check box and then select a column to get a preformatted IN statement of the data in the specified file. This feature is only available when right-clicking from a grid and multiple rows are selected from only one column. Note: This setting is NOT remembered from one action to the next because it is tied to the grid and requires only one column to be selected.


Enhancements from Toad Idea Pond

The following is a list of enhancements requested by Toad users on the Toad Idea Pond and implemented in this release.

The Idea Pond on Toad World is a site where you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote or comment on ideas submitted by other people. The Toad development team has always been driven by our customers, and the Idea Pond makes it easy for you to tell us what changes are most important. This site is free for all Toad customers.

Enhancement Link to Idea Pond
Add additional navigator options Link
Add Configuration Option for behaviour of undoCheckout Link
Copy Visible Grid Column Names to Clipboard Link
Sort capabilities on the Action Recall window in Automation Designer Link
Add dates from v$log to online redo query in LogMiner Link
Display Saved Filter Name for Data Grids Link
Stop script execution in Script Manager on error. Link
Multiple Scripts in Reports Manager Link
Comment with timestamp in Editor Link

Other enhancements

  • Enhance the validation steps in Team Coding when a user checks out items from the VCS. Now, lock errors happen before the comment dialog box is shown. The comment dialog box now displays and groups the checked-out items by status ("Errors" vs "Valid"). Toad only allows the checkout to continue if the user selects valid items.
  • Display the explain plan in the Editor (From Toad World Beta Forum.
  • Change checkout behavior. Toad no longer prompts to check out the subfolder structure for an object, followed by an error checking out the folder, when the subfolder does not exist locally. Now Toad creates the folder structure and checks out the object with no errors.
  • Improve Team Coding messaging. When Log VCS commands in the output window is selected, the following is the new behavior:

    • VCS commands are no longer sent to just one window regardless of how many connections there are. Each connection has its own VCS output.
    • VCS messages and Team Coding notifications are now in separate output windows.
    • You can now prevent the output window from opening.
  • The default value of the Treat blank line as statement terminator Execute/Compile option is now disabled by default.
  • Error and log message text of actions nested within other actions (like Control actions) in the Automation Designer are now shown when the container action is executed.
  • When adding items to the Code Tester action in the Automation Designer, the group nodes are now shown by schema and then by object with test definitions beneath the object. Test definitions are now grouped by the tested program .

Resolved Issues

This section contains a list of the issues that were resolved in this release of Toad for Oracle.

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Breaking a lock in Team Coding doesn't update the VCS TOR-1415
Issue found in Schema Browser refresh for TC objects TOR-1411
Reporting GMT time in its history, rather than local time TOR-1346
Temporal Validity not supported in table scripts TOR-1345
Export File Browser hanging TOR-1333
Can't debug on Pluggable RAC TOR-1330
List Index Out of Bounds error when comparing large files TOR-1310
Session Browser Disconnect Sessions and Kill Session buttons not active when setting DBA Role TOR-1277
AV when formatting files with Execute Queries in Threads option turned on TOR-1265
12c: Users > Object grants tab uses bad query for low priv users TOR-1259
Explain plan window does not display content properly in Session Browser TOR-1256
Scheduler Jobs notifications not created when Schema is different than login schema TOR-1255
Minimum size for tablespece file definition is computed incorrectly TOR-1236
Anonymous Block with Bind Variable Executing Twice TOR-1225
Cursor jumps when dragging from OP to Editor TOR-1224
Scheduler Jobs > Scheduled Run Times tab not showing correct run times TOR-1222
ora-00936 Missing Expression when clicking on the Locks | System tab of Session Browser TOR-1219
Add scrollbars to data compare TOR-1218
When importing from *.xls version 5.0/95, Dates import as numbers TOR-1210
Toad: FTP tool in Toad shows incorrect modified timestamp when connected via Secure FTP TOR-1180
Named SQL Drop down list is hard to read TOR-1031
Double-clicking in TC Manager opens VCS version of file vs local copy TOR-1022
Disable "show diff details" for sys-named constraints where DDL cannot be fetched TOR-1003
Alt+Left Arrow does not always take you back to package body TOR-988
Non-SYS User logs in as SYSDBA, sees SYS's objects in dropdown TOR-940
Toad doesn't release memory when 'execute as script' is cancelled TOR-901
Editor: Alignment brackets (block staples) feature removed in 12.7 27 of 27 Return to search TOR-881
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