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Toad for DB2 7.1 - Installation Guide

Set Breakpoints

Breakpoints are markers in your code where you want to stop execution during debugging without having to single-step to that location. You can create breakpoints using the Editor or the Breakpoints window.

To set a breakpoint from the Editor window

» Click the left margin of the Editor window to set a breakpoint. You can also click on the Debug toolbar.

To set a breakpoint from the Breakpoints window

  1. Select Debug | Windows | Breakpoints from the menu.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the window and select Add Breakpoint.

  3. Review the following for additional information:


    Enter the line number in the procedure where you want to set the breakpoint.

    Pass count

    Enter the number of times to execute a loop before setting a breakpoint. You can use a pass count with FOR loops, DO WHILE loops, IF/END IF, etc. In this case, the Debugger will NOT stop on the breakpoint line until just before the breakpoint line for the nth pass count.

    When combined with a condition expression, the script before pausing to verify whether any other conditions specified are true.


    If you set the pass count to 5 and the condition expression to sum > 10, on the fifth execution of the script, Toad checks whether the sum is greater than 10; and if so, sets the breakpoint. If the sum is less than 10, a breakpoint is not set.


    Enter a condition in which a breakpoint is set ONLY if the condition is met when running the code. The format of the condition is variable_operator_value, such as sum > 10. For a list of supported operators, see Supported Operators.


  • When evaluating whether a breakpoint has been reached, the expression you specify must evaluate to a Boolean value or it results in an error.  

  • Any execution on the database side that occurs in breakpoints is executed on a different connection than the one you are debugging. Pending transactions do not display in the result set.

  • You can set Conditional and Pass Count values for the same breakpoint. If set, this suspends execution on the Nth occurrence of the breakpoint in which the condition evaluates to True.

  • To delete a breakpoint, click beside the breakpoint you want to remove in the left margin of the Editor.


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