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Toad for DB2 7.0 - Installation Guide

Code Completion Options

This topic focuses on information that may be unfamiliar to you. It does not include all step and field descriptions.

To set code completion options

  1. Select Tools | Options |Editor | Code Completion.

  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Code Completion


    Auto pop-up after

    Enter the number of milliseconds that you want to elapse before the list automatically displays in the editor after you press PERIOD after an object.

    Default: 250

    Apply Object Explorer filters

    Select this checkbox to apply any filters set in the Database Explorer/Object Explorer to the code completion list in the editor.

    Default: Cleared

    Item sort order

    Select the method used for sorting the code completion list.

    If you select Each category, Toad sorts the list based on the type of item. For example, if you enter SELECT in the statement, the list displays columns first followed by variables, snippets, etc.

    Default: Each category


    Select whether to add quotes to any item selected from a code completion list.

    Default: Only if needed

    Expand "*" to list all columns

    Select this checkbox to add an asterisk as the first entry in the code completion list for columns. If you select the asterisk, all columns for the table are added to the list.

    Default: Selected

    Include rarely used items

    Select this checkbox to include less common items in the code completion list. If cleared, only the common items display in the list and you must select (Show rarely used items) at the end of the list to display the additional items.

    Default: Selected

    Include top <n> values of column data

    Select this checkbox to include a sample of the first 20 rows of data from the primary level in the code completion list.

    Clear this checkbox to exclude the sample data in the primary level of the code completion list.

    Default: Selected

    Insert default schema name

    Select this checkbox to insert schema names in front of the objects with default owner.

    Default: Cleared

    Locator Beacon



    Enter the amount of time an indicator displays over parameters/variables that require a value.

    Code Snippets


    Root folder

    Select the folder where you want to store code snippets. This is useful if you want to specify a network directory with custom snippets shared by all developers.

    Create TOADSQLFILE.sql in the root folder in order to use it's contents as template when opening new Editor window.

    Tip: Constructions surrounded with $ (for example, $Name$) are treated as snippets.

    Favorites folder

    To change the name of the Favorites folder, enter a new name. This will change the name of the Favorites folder for each SQL language.


  • To navigate to the directory where option settings are stored, click the Application Data Directory link in the About dialog (Help | About).

  • To search for a partial or complete option name or value, use the Search field at the bottom of each Options page. See About Options for more information.


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