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Toad for DB2 7.0 - Installation Guide

About Debugging SQL

Use the Debugger to debug any script that contains a procedure regardless of the SQL included in the script (i.e., SELECT statements).


  • To configure your DB2 for LUW database or DB2 for z/OS subsystem to support the Debugger, see the Toad for DB2 Installation Guide.
  • You can run the Debugger on only SQL procedures.

Prepare and Debug an SQL Procedure

You can run the Debugger on a stored SQL procedure that has been compiled with the debug support code. When you launch the Debugger on a procedure, the procedure script opens in the Editor. From here, you monitor and control the debugging process.

To prepare and debug an SQL procedure

  1. Select the Procedures node in the Database Explorer or Object Explorer.

  2. Add the debug support code to the SQL procedure you want to debug. Use one of these methods:

    Note: If errors occur during the compile process, Toad notifies you and rolls back the previous version of the procedure. If no errors occur, Toad commits the procedure.

  3. Right-click the SQL procedure, and select Debug.
  4. Define the start parameters.

    Tip: You can manually set start parameters at anytime during the debugging process by clicking in the Debug toolbar.

  5. In the Editor, use the Debug toolbar functions to control the debugging process. See Related Topics for more information.

Configure Debugger Options


Use this Option Page...

Set an option so function calls are not evaluated when hovering the cursor over watches

Debugger | General

Select a default desktop configuration that displays when starting or ending a debugging session

Set DB2-specific options, such as requirements for commits and debug-session time-outs

Debugger | General | DB2


  • If you have not set a breakpoint, clicking runs the SQL script to completion without stopping.

  • If you try to run a debug script, you are prompted to set start parameters to use as an entry point, as well as provide values for any required parameters.
  • To remove debug support code from an SQL procedure, right-click the procedure and select Compile SQL Procedure. You can also alter a DB2 for z/OS procedure, changing the Function property on the Build page to ALTER REBUILD.


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