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Toad for DB2 6.3 - Release Notes

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Toad® for IBM® DB2®.

Feature Resolved Issue Defect ID
General Wrong syntax for partitioned tables after extended alter TDB-3132/3703134-1
Object reference not set in Options when searching for item and then changing it TDB-3038/3595325-1
Compare Object OC throws DB2 error for DB2 v9.1 - caused by NVL function in QueriesLUW.xml TDB-2436/2838693-1
Database Explorer LUW DB CFG parameters not in XML file TDB-2977/3511886-1
DB2 LUW multi-node - Node information displays same info for all nodes in one view TDB-2731
Debugger Database Status Screen displays "Status unknown" TDB-2730/3251099-1
Documentation Added info for required IBM DB2 Fix Packs for certain Windows versions TDB-3114/3661426-1
Extract DDL Cannot run object compare on all schemas TDB-3119/3686310-1
The DDL extract for a trigger is not showing the SQL code associated with it TDB-3138/3722790-1
Object Details LUW Database - Diagnostic log feature does not support UNICODE=YES TDB-2826
Script Generation Triggers are not recreated\revalidated when their table is extended altered


Space Management Capacity button on main tool bar should be disabled for DB2 LUW version less than 10 TDB-2739/3244910-1
SQL Editor Stored Procedure INOUT Parameter causing error when run from Editor TDB-2564/3081769-1
You now can hold alt + left-click and drag to select vertically in Editor TDB-2343
Object Details (DOV) Display Column Position in Object details TDB-2537/3171353-1
Properties, Showing timestamps without AM or PM designation TDB-2536/3164101-1
z/OS Utilities Toad generates incorrect options for REORG of LOB TABLESPACE TDB-3077/

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Feature Description Support Case/Defect ID
Object Details When a DB2 object is created, DB2 implicitly creates authority for the user who created that object. In the system catalog tables those are shown as SYSIBM as the Grantor. When migration\compare\extended alter scripts are generated Toad does not generate GRANT statements in those scripts for authorizations granted by SYSIBM because those are granted implicit authorizations that have been created by DB2. TDB-870

You might encounter issues with initializing Unified Debugger sessions if the version of the DB2 for LUW server on which you are debugging is earlier than 10.1 fix pack 2.

Workaround: If the DB2 server version is earlier than DB2 for LUW 10.1 fix pack 2, copy DB2DBGM.JAR from the Toad client installation to the following location on the server:

  • DB2 instance home path/SQLLIB/JAR (Unix or AIX computer)
  • DB2 instance home path\SQLLIB\JAR (Windows computer)


If the DB2 server version is DB2 for 10.1 fix pack 2, use the JAR file supplied with your DB2 version. If replacing the JAR file as described in the workaround, make sure you back up the original JAR file on the server before replacing it with the one from the Toad client installation.

Export Wizard/ One Click Export Avoid using Excel for exporting if your data has numeric values that require a high precision because Excel's precision is limited to 15 digits. If you export numbers with more precision, the values are rounded. If you export boundary numbers (max, min), rounded numbers will exceed the data type limit. N/A
Installation Network and LAN installations are currently not supported. N/A

Toad uses hardcoded values instead of some variables such as %USERNAME% in several path names and therefore App-V environment is not supported.

For installation adhere to Windows Installer Best Practices, see here.

Space Management

If running Toad® for IBM® DB2® 6.0 or earlier in a pureScale environment and the QUEST.SH_SNAPSHOT procedure had been installed, the procedure will have to be redefined. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Drop procedure QUEST.SH_SNAPSHOT
  2. Right click a tablespace
  3. Select Space Management | View Space History
  4. Click Yes when prompted to run the install script for the procedure
  5. Execute the script
SQL Editor Toad does not handle DBMS_OUTPUT in the SQL Editor. ST90710
z/OS Utilities

When using Utilities as the data preservation method and the length of a column tied to columns from other tables via RI is reduced. When executing the alter script the load fails with a DSNU334I INPUT FIELD INVALID error pointing to the altered column. The load cards show the old length for the altered column which appears to be the problem.


Third Party Known Issues

The following is a list of third party issues known to exist at the time of release of Toad® for IBM® DB2® 6.3.

Feature Description Support Case/Defect ID
DB2 Client In case Toad and a 9.5, 9.7 or 10.1 DB2 client is installed on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 IBM setup recommendation #1618434 has to be applied. N\A
Data Server Driver Installer of Data Server Driver 10.5.4 and newer may need to be run with Administrator permissions. TDB-2306
LUW Procedure Script Tab

After installing DB2 LUW v10.1.3, the script tab for LUW procedures is empty. This is due to an issue introduced by IBM in fixpack 3 regarding the NULLIF SQL function.

IBM APAR IC96725 addresses this issue.

DB2 z/OS invalid Timestamp values returned

When the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is used in conjunction with DB2 z/OS, along with an IBM DB2 .Net Data Provider v10.1.3, timestamp values returned from queries are invalid. Since Toad DB2 v5.6 uses the IBM DB2 v10.1.3 .Net Data provider, invalid timestamp values can be returned within Toad 5.6. IBM PMR 8862756 has been opened on this topic.

Please consult that PMR for a work-around.

LUW Procedure Debugging

When the user is running DB2 Server 10.1.3 with a database that has been migrated from a previous release, the debugger will fail with a reference to SYSDEBUGPRIVATE. This occurs from an IBM bug in the db2updv10 update utility.

IBM APAR IC96837 addresses this issue. This has been resolved in IBM DB2 10.1 FixPack 4.


The Debugger may not advance to the next line under certain circumstances. Those circumstances include DECLARE statements with multiple variables defined on a single line and IF statements with multiple conditions defined on a single line.


In procedures that are to be debugged: The procedure text should be modified to separate DECLARE variables onto different lines and IF statements separated to have conditions on separate lines.


LUW: The following error message is displayed when you attempt to modify a watch value during a Debug session on a DB2 for LUW 9 database: "ERROR [57011] [IBM][DB2/NT] SQL0954C Not enough storage is available in the application heap to process the statement. SQLSTATE=57011" The call to modify the watch value fails on DB2, and the server runs out of heap memory.

Workaround: To avoid the heap memory issue, increase the application heap size on the server.

Export Wizard/ One Click Export

To export to an Office 2003 or 2007 Excel instance, the Office Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) must be installed. You can install the PIAs from one of the following locations:


Date formatting issues occur when exporting table data to an Excel file or instance. These issues seem to occur especially when exporting dates previous to 1900.

Workaround: For better results, try exporting the data to a CSV file.

Object Editor (DOE)

z/OS: Executing a procedure causes "Invalid SQL syntax" message when parameter listing has a new line character separating parameters. IBM has opened PMR 80539,756 to investigate this issue.

Workaround: Remove the new line character and separate the parameters by the spaces.


Getting Started

Contents of the Release Package

The Toad release package contains the following products:

  1. Toad® for IBM® DB2® 6.3
  2. Product Documentation, including:
    • Installation Guide
    • Online Help
    • Release Notes

Installation Instructions

See the Toad® for IBM® DB2® Installation Guide for more information.

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