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Toad Edge 2.4.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad Edge® 2.4.2

Release Notes

May 2022

These release notes provide information about the Toad Edge release.

About Toad Edge®

Toad Edge® is a database management application that allows you to perform database administration tasks with ease.

Toad Edge® allows you to:

  • Connect to your databases, view, explore and edit database structure, database objects and properties
  • Manage database objects, easily add, edit or drop objects in Object Explorer
  • Obtain detailed information about your databases
  • Manage data stored in your database, add, edit or remove records
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in Worksheet
  • Compare and synchronize databases using powerful Schema Compare
  • Conveniently manage users and user permissions in Object Details editors
  • Seamlessly integrate Toad Edge into your Continuous Integration and Delivery processes

Toad Edge 2.4.2 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. See New features for more information.

New Features

New features of Toad Edge

In Toad Edge® 2.4 the following new features were implemented:

General features

Worksheet enhancements

  • Added restriction on opening of redundant files

  • Added file system synchronization for SQL/JSON editor

Support for backup and restore functions

  • Added backup and restore functionality for PostgreSQL, EDB, MariaDB and MySQL.

Support for Locks in PostgreSQL and EDB

  • Introduced Lock Manager for PostgreSQL and EDB.

Export improvements

  • Added option to export data as XML from object explorer.
  • Added option to replace NULL value with user customizable text while exporting/importing table in CSV mode.

Performance improvements

  • Fixed memory leak issues during SQL query execution
  • Introduced JDBC parameters like ResultSet fetch limit and max rows fetch limit's tuning for the user to control RAM surge when running expensive queries.
  • Optimized compare file's deserialization and serialization

OS support

  • Officially supporting macOS 12 Monterey (64-bit) and Windows 11 (64-bit)

  • Officially supporting macOS 10.15 Catalina (64-bit) and macOS 11 Big Sur (64-bit).

Database features

Enhancements for MySQL8 and MariaDB

  • Supporting CHECK CONSTRAINT for MySQL 8.0.16 onwards and MariaDB 10.2 onwards

Support for MariaDB 10.6

  • Toad Edge now supports connecting with MariaDB 10.6


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Toad Edge 2.4
  • Improved error messages when license addition fails

  • Restriction on opening of redundant files

  • Added file system synchronization for SQL/JSON Editor

  • Support non-encrypted PKCS#8 private keys

  • Support Windows 11

  • Support MariaDB 10.6

  • Routines are now visible in Object Explorer for EDB 14

  • Routines are now visible in Object Explorer for PostgreSQL 14

  • Upgrading Log4j to Log4j 2.17.1 due to CVE-2021-4104

  • Officially supporting macOS Catalina

  • Officially supporting macOS BigSur

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved for this release:

Toad Edge 2.4.2

Description Issue ID
Fixed query selection when selected queries are being executed 14922/5062715
Fixed first time connection issue in caching_sha2_password auth plugin connections 14909/5031804
Fixed restore process when communiction protocol isn't specified in MacOS 14906
Added alternative offline config file path(license.cfg) 14899/5037069
Users can import datetime values from csv to table in EnterpriseDB 14896
Fixed deletion of row with JSON data 14893
Now displaying correct platform name while creating tables in EDB 14882
Fixed silent filenotfound exception when clicking schema compare drop down menu 14879
Support of special number 'Infinity', '-Infinity', 'NaN' in Numeric for Postgres14 14871
Improved error message when inavlid private key is used in ssh connection 14857/4971190
Fixed name generation when SQL editors are created concurrently 14850
Fixed NPE of CI/CD code preview option 14849
CLI is now picking correct schema during PostgreSQL operations 14837
Data import will throw an error is there is a data type mismatch 14828
Fixed NPE while force closing mac 14818/4955217
Data type is not ignored while exporting table to csv 14812/4941878

Toad Edge 2.4.1

Description Issue ID
Upgrading Log4j to Log4j 2.17.1 due to CVE-2021-4104 14867
Officially supporting macOS Catalina 14806
Officially supporting macOS BigSur 14805
Fixed rendering issue in Status Box for BigSur 14659/4827941
Fixed UI rendering issue in global search. 14902/5031753

Toad Edge 2.4.0

Description Issue ID
Fixed memory leak issues during SQL query execution 14802
Fixed faulty selection of suggestions when selecting from content assist popup during SELECT queries 14698
Fixed DROP functionality for TABLESPACE 14710
Fixed print functionality for Editors 14762

Wrong diff calculation while comparing SEQUENCE objects

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