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Toad Edge 2.1 - User Guide

Quick Doc View

Quick Doc displays brief, relevant information about the currently selected objects.

Quick Doc has two modes:

  • Object Explorer mode
  • Comparison mode
Object Explorer mode

This mode is used most of the time. As you select various objects in Object Explorer, Quick Doc displays basic information about them.

Comparison mode

This mode is triggered when you work with Overview Grid as part of About Schema Compare or Repository. It displays specific differences between two objects in a row that is currently selected in the grid. The view becomes very useful in cases where there are many differences.

Quick Doc view toolbar
Button Option Description
Link with Selection If enabled, Quick Doc automatically displays information every time you select an object in Object Explorer or a record in the Overview Grid
Open Declaration (Object Explorer mode only) Opens the currently described object in Object Detail and Describe Object

Run Routines

The results of all executed routines (procedures and functions) are shown in this view. You can rerun routines using the same arguments or view past results.

Button Option Description
Run Runs the routine using the argument values entered in the grid
Select Connection If you executed a routine with the same name from multiple connections, you can specify the connection from which the routine should be executed using this drop down menu
Show Results Displays the results of routines you executed in the past
Remove Execution Result Removes the current routine result from the view

SQL Monitor View

SQL Monitor displays all internal/user executed SQL queries as well as their execution time. Any queries that fail during the execution are commented out in the monitor and the error description is attached.

NOTE: Internal queries refer to queries automatically performed by Toad Edge during certain actions (e.g. viewing table data in Object Detail)

SQL Monitor is disabled by default and you will have to enable it by clicking the Enable/Disable Output button in order to monitor queries.

Button Option Description
Enable/Disable Output Enables/disables SQL query monitoring
Clear Console Deletes the contents of the view
Export Script Exports the contents of the view to a SQL file
Scroll Lock If enabled, your current position in the monitor is not changed even as new information is being displayed. Otherwise, the position changes to display the newest information
View Menu This menu allows you to enable/disable monitoring of internal/user queries

SQL Recall View

SQL Recall displays the last 100 executed SQL statements. The statements are grouped by connection and can be filtered and pinned. You can view the entire statement simply by selecting in the view. Double-clicking a statement will cause it to be pasted into the currently active Worksheet.

Button Option Description
Filter Filters the statements according to the input. It is possible to use wildcards (? and *) and regular expressions as well as filter by multiple comma separated values
Expand All Expands all connections to display their statements
Collapse All Collapses all connections, hiding all statements
Copy Copies the currently selected statement to clipboard. You can copy multiple statements at once
Hide Unpinned Entries Hides statements that are not pinned
Pin Entry Pins the selected statement(s) so they can be filtered using the option above
Delete All Deletes all statements from the view
Delete Deletes the selected statement(s) from the view
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