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Toad Edge 2.0.9 - User Guide


Toad Edge® is a next-generation tool for today’s complex database environments

Toad Edge®is a flexible Java based toolset for the development and management of open source relational databases. It is built to reduce the learning curve for developers and DBAs working in next-generation database environments.


Toad Edge® allows you to:

  • Connect to your databases on premise or in cloud
  • View, explore and edit database structure, database objects and properties
  • Manage database objects, easily add, edit or drop objects in Object Explorer
  • Manage data stored in your database, add, edit or remove records
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in Worksheet
  • Monitor running SQL queries in progress
  • Compare and synchronize databases using powerful Schema Compare
  • Obtain detailed information about your databases
  • Edit JSON script in an advanced Editor
  • Take database Snapshots and much more

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New Features of Toad Edge®

New features of Toad Edge

In Toad Edge® 2.0 the following new features were implemented:

General features

Object Editor

  • Go to Script in Role Editor to display search path for Roles in Object Editor. You can disable display of search path in Script Settings.

Compare Schema

  • A new option has been added to disable removing qualifiers from script during compare. Check Remove container (schema/database) qualifiers from script in View | Preferences | General to remove schema prefixes in Schema Compare.
  • Now you can match columns based on their position only, by their identical or similar names. Adjust Column Matching in Comparison Rules.

Database features

Support for PostgreSQL 11

  • Toad Edge now supports connecting to PostgreSQL 11


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Toad Edge 2.0:

  • UI enhancements in menus and options
  • Minor enhancements of connection process for MySQL 8.0
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