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Toad Edge 1.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad Edge™ 1.2

Toad Edge™ 1.2

Release Notes

November 2017

These release notes provide information about the Toad Edge release.

About Toad Edge™ 1.2

Toad Edge™ is a database management application that allows you to perform database administration tasks with ease.

Toad Edge™ allows you to:

  • Connect to your MySQL database, view, explore and edit database structure, database objects and properties
  • Manage database objects, easily add, edit or drop objects in Object Explorer
  • Manage data stored in your database, add, edit or remove records
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in Worksheet
  • Compare and synchronize databases using powerful Schema Compare
  • Obtain detailed information about your databases

Toad Edge 1.2 is a new release. See Features for more information.



Release Notes > Features

Features of Toad Edge

In Toad Edge™ 1.2 the following new features were implemented:

General features

Colored connections

  • Right-click any connection and select Properties. Check Use Color to use colors for background of editors and by clicking the color you can easily customize it
  • Colors show in the background of editors, on the connection symbols in Connections and in Worksheet

Multiple Result Set

  • Toad Edge now supports working with more than one result sets
  • Type your SELECT queries into Worksheet and click Execute All Statements
  • Result sets from all queries will be displayed in a new Result view, where you can easily switch between results, display them side-by-side and edit them

To work with multiple results

  • Left-click a result to select it
  • Hold Shift/Ctrl + left-click multiple results to select them

  • Click SQL button to highlight a specific statement in Worksheet
  • Right-click a statement in Result and click copy to copy the statement and later paste it into Worksheet

  • Only a certain number of results will by fetched on execution. Scroll down to reveal more results when one result is selected. Set the number of fetched rows in View | Preferences | Data | Use fetch limit
  • When more result sets are selected, click Fetch More Rows or Fetch All Rows to load more data

To export results

  • Click Export Selected Statements Data to CSV/SQL to export some of the result sets
  • Click Export All Statements Data to CSV/SQL to export all of the result sets
  • Configure options such as export format, line terminator, destination and other settings in the next step

Support for Spatial Data Types

  • MySQL supports spatial data types with either geometry values or collections of values
  • Edit your spatial types using Toad Edge editor with syntax highlighting or in-place editor
  • Double-click a table in Object Explorer and click Data to add and edit rows
  • Double-click to edit a value in-place or click a button to launch a popup editor

Database features

Support for MariaDB 10.1

  • MariaDB 10.1 has been fully tested with Toad Edge 1.2

Support for MySQL in Microsoft Azure Environment

  • Toad Edge has been fully tested to run MySQL databases in MS Azure environment


Editable result set

  • You can edit result sets of your queries directly
  • Easily edit your results, add new rows and export any results or the whole result set and save as CSV, SQL, HTML or XML files

To edit a row

  • Click Enable Modification to start editing your result set
  • Double-click a field to edit it. Write a new value or select from a list using a popup button

  • Use your arrows to move between rows and fields and click Enter to edit a selected field. Apply your changes or Restore original values

  • After having applied a change in a result Toad Edge will execute an appropriate statement
  • See details of the statement in SQL Monitor. If it is not displaying any statements, turn it on by clicking Enable Output

To navigate display of results

  • Use arrow buttons to Go to Next/Previous page of results or Go to End/Beginning
  • Only a certain number of results will by fetched on execution. Scroll down to reveal more results. Set the number of fetched rows in View | Preferences | Data | Use fetch limit
  • Right-click a column to hide it or restore original display of columns

Resolved Issues

Release Notes > Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release:

Description Issue ID
A NullPointerException after having started Toad Edge has been fixed. 9000/4107505-1
It is now possible to display result sets of multiple SELECT statements at once. 8157

Known Issues

Release Notes > Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Mouse cursor may become invisible in specific circumstances related to errors in Worksheet.

Workaround: Switch into a different Toad Edge View and back.

After upgrading from Toad Edge 1.0 , databases that were mapped (as part of Repository) will lose their mapping. 8223

When a database is synchronized with Repository, changes made to tables in the database that have been created using BLACKHOLE, CSV or FEDERATED engine are not detected in Object Explorer.

Workaround: Display the comparison window (right-click the database | Repository | Synchronize). The changes will be detected and subsequently displayed in Object Explorer.


After upgrading from Toad Edge 1.0, the latest MySQL JDBC driver is not automatically mapped.

Workaround: Map the latest driver manually in Preferences | Database. The driver can be found in C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Edge\lib\drivers.

Toad Edge changes double quotes to single quotes in synchronization script generated for stored procedures, events and triggers which using dynamic SQL. 8750
Toad Edge will not override default settings of associated programs for opening JSON files on Windows. 9229

Third-party known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Setting up increased DPI (125%) causes some Toad Edge Tab labels to display incorrectly.

Workaround: Set DPI to 100%.


Loading identical Table Details on two connections may cause the dialogs that modify these tables to freeze.

Workaround: End Toad Edge using Task Manager.

After removing the Primary Key and making the column unique, MySQL still keeps PRI as the column key in columns table. 7249
MacOS connections to Amazon RDS databases may automatically expire and be dropped. 7621
Year 2000 in Year(2) data type (00) is not correctly represented in Object Detail or Result Set as JDBC driver raises an exception if the value of the year is 0. Such values are represented in grids as unknown. 8264

Names of functions with special characters are not stored properly in a database even when UTF-8 encoding is used. This can cause side effects such as not being able to grant a privilege to a function as its name in query is different from the actual stored name.

Workaround: Replace special characters by basic (ASCII).

MySQL time values are displayed as (invalid value) in Object Detail and Result Set if they are outside the range 00:00:00-24:00:00. This is a limitation of JDBC driver. 8236

On Windows 10 closing a tab in Toad Edge using a drop-down menu may close other tabs than intended.


Batch files that use UTF-8 BOM encoding cannot be executed by the Toad Edge command line interface.

Workaround: The CI/CD Wizard in Toad Edge generates files using pure UTF-8 encoding. Do not change the encoding once the files are generated.


Updating system Java may delete certain Toad Edge libraries. This results in the application being unable to connect to databases or obtain licenses.

Workaround: The only way to restore the deleted files is to reinstall Toad Edge

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