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Toad Data Point 5.2 - User Guide

Create Histograms

Histograms are useful for getting a comprehensive overview of the range of data of a column. Histogram data can also show the distribution and density of values. This range can be used in where conditions and case statements. You can use the histogram tool from any data grid. It displays as a horizontal bar graph.

To create a histogram

  1. Right-click a data grid and select Histogram Tool.
  2. Select a column in the Column field.

  3. Select the data range in the View field.

    Note: You can grab and drag the corners of the histogram window to expand it and more easily view the data.

  4. To zoom in on the histogram, use Shift + click, Shift and drag, or the mouse wheel.

    To zoom out of the histogram, use Alt + click or the mouse wheel.

    After zooming in, you can also grab and drag on the histogram background to bring hidden areas into view.


Tip: The Histogram tool is accessible from any data grid.



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