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Toad Data Point 5.1 - User Guide

Create MySQL Connections

You can create a new connection, or connect to an existing connection from the Create New Connection window. See Troubleshoot MySQL Issues for more information about troubleshooting MySQL connection issues.

To create a MySQL or MariaDB connection

  1. Click on the toolbar (ALT+F+N).

  2. Select either MySQL or MariaDB from the Group list box.

  3. Review the following for additional information:

    Login Tab Description

    Connection type

    Select the protocol to use when connecting.


    Enter the name of the host computer where the database is installed.


    Enter the password to use when connecting.

    Tip: After connecting, you can set a master password to further secure your connection in Tools | Options| Environment | Security.

    Connection timeout

    Enter the number of seconds to wait when connecting before the application times out. The default is 15 seconds.


    If you selected SSL as the connection type, review the following for additional information: 

    • Private key—browse to the location of the SSL key file to use when connecting.
    • CA cert—browse to the location of the trusted certificate authority to use when connecting.
    • Cert—browse to the location of the SSL certificate file to use when connecting.


    Select this checkbox to compress the value of any strings and return binary values.

    Use MySQL libraries

    Select this checkbox to use an embedded MySQL library instead of the MySQL .NET provider.

    Note: If you select this option, you must specify libMySQL.dll in the path.


    Select or create a category if you want to color code Editor tabs for a specific connection. This can help differentiate between development and production databases. You can also set an option to color code the Object Explorer pane and object editor windows (Create, Alter, Drop, etc.). See Set Connection Categories for more information.  Click here to view a video of this feature.
    Advanced Tab Description

    ODBC driver

    Select an ODBC driver to use when executing cross-connection queries using this connection.

    Tip: You can specify the ODBC driver to use for all connections for this database provider in Tools | Options | Database | MySQL.

  1. Click Connect to save the connection and immediately connect to the database.


    Click Save to save the connection without connecting to the database.

Tip: Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.

Click here to view a video about creating connections in Toad Data Point


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