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Toad Data Point 5.1 - Release Notes

Create SQL Server Connections

Create SQL Server and SQL Azure Connections

You can create a new connection, or connect to an existing connection from the Create New Connection window. Troubleshoot SQL Server® Issues about troubleshooting connection issues.

Click here to view a video about creating connections in Toad Data Point

Note: For SQL Azure connections:

  • To be able to utilize majority of Toad functionality please grant VIEW DEFINITION on the SQL Azure databases you want to work with.
  • You can login to Windows Azure Platform by selecting Tools | Cloud Computing | SQL Azure Portal and providing your credentials.
  • Make sure that no Azure firewall rule restricts your IP address from having access to Azure server. See Create and Alter Azure Firewall Rules for more information.

To create a new connection

  1. Click on the toolbar (ALT+F+N).

  1. Select Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Azure from the Group list box.

  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Login Tab Description

    Server name

    Enter the name of the server to use when connecting.

    Click to display any servers running SQL Server that are currently active on the network.


    • For SQL Azure connections, enter in this field.
    • For named instances, enter the MachineName\InstanceName in this field.


    Select the type of authentication to use for this connection.

    You can connect to an Azure SQL database with Active Directory authentication. Client configuration is required. See https://

    Note: You cannot create a SQL Azure connection using Windows Authentication.


    Enter the password to use when connecting.

    Tip: After connecting, you can set a master password to further secure your connection in Tools | Options| Environment | Security.


    Select or create a category if you want to color code Editor tabs for a specific connection. This can help differentiate between development and production databases. You can also set an option to color code the Object Explorer pane and object editor windows (Create, Alter, Drop, etc.). Set Connection Categories  Click here to view a video of this feature.

    Encrypt connection

    Select this option to enable encryption for the current connection provided that the certificate has been already installed on the server.
    Advanced Tab Description

    Network protocol

    Select one of the following:

    • Shared Memory
    • TCP/IP
    • Named Pipes

      Note: When establishing Named Pipes connection "Poll service status in connection list" option should be cleared.

    Parameter Name/Value

    You can add parameters to the connection. Toad includes the Application Name parameter with value Toad Data Point by default.

    OBDC driver

    Select an ODBC driver to use for this connection when creating cross-connection queries.

    Tip: You can specify the ODBC driver to use for all connections for this database provider in Tools | Options | Database | SQL Server.

  1. Click Connect to save the connection and immediately connect to the database.


    Click Save to save the connection without connecting to the database.  

Tip: Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.

To import connections (including Central Management Server connections)

  1. Click .
  2. Specify the location where the connections currently reside.

    Note: Review the following for additional information on CMS connections:

    • To import CMS connections, select a server from the list where the CMS is registered. The connection to this SQL Server instance should be created beforehand.
    • CMS is available beginning with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
    • User should have an appropriate login (Windows Authentication and grant to connect to selected server are required) created on the server to which he connects via CMS.
  3. Select the connections to be imported.


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