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Toad Data Point 5.1 - Installation Guide

Add Controls

You can drag controls from the Toolbox tool window to customize the report. The following controls are available:

Control Description


Adds a text label to the report. You can bind this control to data to calculate a summary. See Calculate Summary Data for more information.


Adds a checkbox to the report.


Adds formatted text to the report. You can load any rich text file into the report by clicking the Load File link in the Property Grid.


Inserts an image in the report.


Allows you to create a custom control for the report.


Adds a pane that is used to group multiple controls together in the report.


Adds a table to the report.


Adds a line to the report.

Shape Inserts a geometrical figure in the report..


Adds a barcode to the report.


Adds a zip code to the report.

Chart Adds a chart to the report.
PivotGrid Add a pivot grid to the report.


Adds page information, such as the page number, date, time, user name, etc to the report.


Inserts a page break in the report.


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