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Toad Data Point 5.0 - User Guide

Read-Only Installation

During installation, you can select an option to install Toad as a read-only application. This lets you query data and view objects using Toad, but all actions that can impact the database (Create, Alter, Drop, Insert, Update, etc.) are disabled or hidden. This ensures that you can use Toad without worrying about committing a change to a sensitive production instance. The following image shows an example of the differences between a typical and a read-only installation:

To install a read-only version of Toad Data Point

  1. During installation, select the Read-only option.

To change an existing installation to read-only

  1. Reinstall Toad and select Read-only Install on the Install Type page.

Additional Considerations and Limitations of Read-Only Install

Review the following additional considerations/limitations before using a Toad read-only installation.

Additional limitations for IBM DB2 z/OS connections

When using an IBM DB2 z/OS connection in a read-only install of Toad, please note the following additional limitations:

  • The Dependencies, Grants, and Script tabs in the Database Explorer (Viewer) are not available.
  • The Clone Tables node/tab in the Object Explorer is not available.
  • The user does not have SQL access to SYS<xxx>AUTH tables.



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