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Toad Data Point 4.3 - Installation Guide

Search for Objects

You can quickly locate an object rather than browsing through a list of objects in the Database Explorer orObject Explorer. Object Search locates the following:

  • Names of objects for a string.

  • Text in objects that include source code, which typically includes procedures, functions, triggers, data types, and views. However, the database provider determines which objects include source code.

  • Variable names and comments in the object's source code.

  • Column names for tables and views.

To search for objects

  1. Click on the toolbar (F4).  
  1. Specify search criteria and click Search.

    Note: To append additional search results to the current search, click Append instead. If you click Search, new results replace the previous search results in the data grid.



  • To remove objects from the search results, right-click the objects in the data grid and select Remove Items. This is useful if you want to narrow the list of results to relevant objects.This does not remove the objects from your database.

  • To create a DDL script from the search results, right-click the data grid and select Create DDL Script. You can then paste the results into the Editor.

  • To perform any actions available for the object, such as creating, altering, dropping, exporting, and generating reports or SQL, right-click the results in the data grid and select an option.  

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