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Toad Data Modeler 7.0 - User Guide

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Physical Data Model
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Universal Data Model Logical Data Model Working with Model Objects
Features and Tools
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Options and Configuration Databases
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Reverse Engineering

Available Data Providers are:

  • Native Connection

Native Connection:

Though SQLite database is case insensitive, Reverse Engineering in Toad Data Modeler is case sensitive. This leads to a problem that e.g. when a column name is "ATR" and an index is defined with column name "Atr", the names do not get paired and an error message is thrown.

If some object name includes UTF characters, then the object does not get loaded during Reverse Engineering.

Appropriate SQLite3.dll library is necessary for successful connection.


  1. On page Options, the Load Some Objects as SQL Sentence Only checkbox is applicable for Views, Triggers and Virtual Tables. If selected, triggers are loaded as they are saved in system table.
  2. During Reverse Engineering, objects from only one database are loaded. Therefore, database name is not loaded during Reverse Engineering.

Script Generating

Sybase ASE 15.5


DML Logging box with default / full / minimal values.


New Encrypted Column area with Encryption Key and Decrypt Default.

Computed Column - It is not a data type. Select this item from Data Type box if you want to set column as computed.

Default rule Is Default Object - Select this checkbox if you want to bind default rule (known as default object in Sybase ASE)  to attribute.

Rule Object - Select a rule object that will be bound to attribute.

Encryption Keys


New inactive (informational) box Trigger Fire .

Trigger is now available also for Views.

Web Services

See other objects in Model Explorer:

  • Segments
  • Encryption Key

  • Web Service


Reverse Engineering

Available Data Providers are:

  • Connection via ODBC
  • Connection via ADO
  • Native Connection

Connection via ODBC

Connection via ADO

Native Connection:

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