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Toad Data Modeler 6.5 - Release Notes

New in this Release

New in Toad Data Modeler 6.5.6

Toad Data Modeler 6.5.6 expires on January 15, 2019.

Database features

Support for Oracle 18c

  • Oracle 18c is now fully supported
  • Database settings are placed in Settings | Options | Model | Physical Model | Oracle | Oracle 18c
  • Reverse Engineering, Change Script and DDL Script Generation are supported

Oracle 12c Support

New option NOKEEP is supported
  • Check NOKEEP in Attribute Properties | Identity
  • Check NOKEEP in Sequence Properties
New access drivers for Oracle 12c R2
  • In Entity Properties | External Table Properties you can now use ORACLE_HDFS, and ORACLE_HIVE in addition to existing ORACLE_LOADER, and ORACLE_DATAPUMP
New option Segment Creation for Oracle 12c R2
  • In Entity Properties | Physical Properties | Segment Creation you can now select Deferred, Immediate or Not Specified

PostgreSQL Support

  • Support for Import DDL has been added for Postgres 9.5 and 10
  • You now can perform Reverse Engineering from a connection and from a DDL file

EDB Advanced Postgres Server Support

  • Support for stored procedures has been implemented
  • Support for directories has been implemented
  • Support for Nested table type and Varray type for User Data Type has been added

SQL Server 2017 Support

  • Support for Graph Tables has been added for Import DDL functionality


External Objects
  • Right-click the root of a model and select External Objects | Update All to easily update all external objects
Ordering of Indexes
  • Indexes can now be ordered using buttons in Entity Properties or using Ctrl + Up or Ctrl + Down
Selecting Parent and Child Tables in Reverse Engineering
  • Select parent and child tables easily using three new buttons in Reverse Engineering Wizard | Tables
  • Use right-click menu to select parent or child tables up to 3 level of depth or to infinity
Text Wrapping in Text and Label Rectangle objects
  • Double-click Text or Label Rectangle object and check Word Wrap to wrap the text inside
Default names for primary keys
  • Set a default name in Settings | Options | Model | Physical Model | Primary Key Default name
Search bar for main menu
  • Find any menu option easily by writing its first letters into Jump To
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