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Toad for Oracle 12.5 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad™ for Oracle® 12.5

Release Notes

May 22, 2014

These release notes provide information about the Toad™ for Oracle® release.

About Toad for Oracle

Toad for Oracle provides an intuitive and efficient way for database professionals of all skill and experience levels to perform their jobs with an overall improvement in workflow effectiveness and productivity. With Toad for Oracle you can:

  • Understand your database environment through visual representations
  • Meet deadlines easily through automation and smooth workflows
  • Perform essential development and administration tasks from a single tool
  • Deploy high-quality applications that meet user requirements; perform predictably and reliably in production
  • Validate database code to ensure the best-possible performance and adherence to best-practice standards
  • Manage and share projects, templates, scripts, and more with ease

The Toad for Oracle solutions are built for you, by you. Over 10 years of development and feedback from various communities like Toad World have made it the most powerful and functional tool available. With an installed-base of over two million, Toad for Oracle continues to be the “de facto” standard tool for database development and administration.

Toad for Oracle Editions

All commercial versions of Toad are bundled with additional Dell Software products, based upon the Edition that you purchased. For more information about the latest features in your Toad Edition and the bundled products, see the Toad Editions Release Notes:


Toad for Oracle 12.5 is a major release, with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements.

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New Features

New features

New features in Toad for Oracle 12.5:

  • The Toad for Oracle UI is now available localized for Chinese.
  • Change to licensing:

    License keys compatible with Toad for Oracle 9.7 and earlier versions are no longer supported. Please see Product licensing for instructions on upgrading your license.

  • Quest Script Runner (QSR) has been renamed Toad Script Runner (TSR).

These changes and enhancements are in addition to those listed below.

All Toad Editions

Open/Save dialog

A new "Online" option disables access to the Repository.

To use the previous Windows-style Open and Save dialogs:

  1. On the main toolbar, go to View | Toad Options.
  2. Select Online | Script Repository | Disabled.

To use the new private (local) or public (Toad World) repository:

  1. On the main toolbar, go to View | Toad Options.
  2. Select Toad World or Private.

Idea Pond link 1, Idea Pond link 2


Copy user settings

You can now import and export Toad's user files as a single compressed file.

On the main toolbar, go to Utilities | Copy User Settings | Import or export a Toad settings file.


Execute script on new threaded query sessions

If you use Toad to execute a script automatically each time you open a connection, now you can also choose to execute that script for each new session that is created as a result of threaded query execution.

  1. Go to View | Toad Options | StartUp.
  2. Make a selection for File to execute on new connections.
  3. Check Execute on new threaded query sessions.

The script executes in the background. There is no indication of success, but if there are errors, a notification allows you to look at the script output.


SSL/TLS support in email allows more providers

You can now select Use SSL in Email Settings for notifications, and for the email action in the Automation Designer so you can use services such as Gmail™ webmail service and other providers.

In Options

  1. Go to View | Toad Options | Email Settings.
  2. Click Use SSL and click OK.

Instructions in online Help reflect the additional changes to the Email Settings window. Press F1 on your keyboard while you are in that window to open that Help topic.

In the Automation Designer

  1. On the main toolbar, go to Utilities | Automation Designer.
  2. Under My Apps, double-click an app to open it.
  3. On the Utilities tab, double-click the 'Email' button.
  4. Double-click the new Email Action to open its properties.
  5. Near the bottom of the Properties window, click Use SSL.

The Email Action uses the settings you may have selected in Toad Options | Email Settings, but any changes you make in the Email Action’s properties will not affect the Email Settings in Toad Options.


Bind/substitution variables

Variable support that is available in the Editor is now also available for the Export Dataset action.

Export Dataset in the Automation Designer

  1. On the main toolbar, go to Utilities | Automation Designer.
  2. On the Import/Export tab, double-click the 'Export Dataset' button to create the Action, and then double-click the new Export Dataset Action to open its properties.
  3. On the Dataset tab, if the exported dataset is a query, click Set Variables to set values for any bind/substitution variables in your query.

Bind/substitution variable support in the Editor now allows for the value of an environment variable to be swapped in for a defined variable at runtime.

In the Editor

  1. Execute a variable in the Editor, such as:


  2. Select each bound variable, and select the data type.
    1. Select Literal and enter the value.


    2. Select Environment Variable and select a Toad or System variable.

  3. Click OK to complete running the resulting SQL statement.


Faster refactoring

Auto-optimize SQL

These options let you apply various refactoring features to the SQL prior to optimization.

  1. With a select statement in the Editor, click the 'Auto Optimize SQL at caret...." button (or right-click and select Optimize | Auto Optimize SQL).
  2. Select Refactor SQL before optimizing and select:

    • Correct WHERE clause indentation level.
    • Convert DECODE function to CASE statement.
    • Remove subqueries.

New toolbar button

A new toolbar button reflects your most recent refactoring choice, to save you time. You can now access the right-click refactoring options from this new toolbar button.

  1. In the Editor, click the new toolbar button to the right of the two buttons for Make... and Strip ... code statement from SQL.

    The refactoring function is applied. (The default setting is Comment code at caret.)

  2. Now click the drop-down arrow for that button, and change the selection.

    The button now reflects your choice, for one-click application the next time you want to refactor code.


Oracle 12c

Streamlined use of pluggable database (PDB)

New options have been added to the end of the "Create Pluggable Database" dialog to:

  • Automatically add the new entry to your tnsnames file.
  • Add a new node to the database browser tree.
  • Start the new database.

If you are connected as SYS:

  1. On the main toolbar, click 'Database Browser.'
  2. Select the container database (CDB) on the left.
  3. Click the Pluggable DBs tab (only visible if you selected a CDB).

    1. Click the plus sign, 'Create pluggable database.'

      The "Create Pluggable Database..." window opens.

    2. From that window, use your F1 key open step-by-step instructions (Help topic "Using Pluggable Databases").
    3. Once you create a PDB, it is now much easier to start it, to add it to the TNSnames.ora file, and add it to the Database Browser tree.

Additional 12c Support


Toad's Index Monitoring window now supports the Oracle 12c DBA_OBJECT_USAGE view.

Previously, to use this window with indexes in other schemas, SELECT privileges on several SYS tables were required.

Now, only the SELECT privilege on the new DBA_OBJECT_USAGE view is required.


These new scheduler job types are now supported in the Create/Alter program and Create/Alter scheduler job windows:


In support of these, the Scheduler Credential object is also now supported in Toad. This object type now has a tab/dropdown-entry/tree-entry in the Schema Browser. It also has a Create/Alter window. Support for credentials has been added to:

  • Schema Compare
  • Generate Schema Script
  • HTML Schema Doc Generator
  • Project Manager

Resource Plans and Groups

Scripts, and the RHS of the Schema Browser have been updated so these object types (Resource Plans and Groups) are up-to-date with Oracle 12c.


Enhanced LDAP support

Database Browser

You can now import LDAP connections. The Database Browser displays columns for Server, Database, Comments, and Last Connected.

To import from LDAP:

  • In the Database Browser, click the folder icon.
  • Select Add databases to tree.

Instance Manager

Support for LDAP servers has been added to the Instance Manager (Database | Monitor | Instance Manager).


Database Health Check

A new item in the Settings tab emails a differences report after the Health Check is executed. If selected, it emails the contents of the "differences since last run" tab.

To use the new option:

  1. Go to Automation Designer | DB Misc | DB Health Check.
  2. Double-click the new Action to open it.
  3. Select Settings | Always email differences report.


Spotlight Essentials

Spotlight Essentials (formerly Project Lucy) lets you access powerful Web-based analytics about the performance of your environment. The process within Toad has changed. See the Spotlight Essential topic in online Help, and go to to register and to learn more.


Database search available when using the pop-up editor for a BFILE

The BFILE pop-up editor (activated by double-clicking) now allows you to browse the database server for a file to assign to the BFILE. If Toad is running on the database server itself, a regular find-file dialog is also available.


Code Insight

Now you can cancel Code Insight in progress.

Idea Pond link

  • Pressing ESC will cancel Code Insight while it is loading and close it if it's already loaded and displaying results.
    • The population of Code Insight requires execution of multiple queries as well as parsing of the Editor text.

      All query execution is now threaded.

    • Results display in the pop-up as they are available.

New exclusion

Now you can exclude public synonyms that have a name starting with a forward slash.

  1. Go to View | Toad Options | Editor | Code Assist.
  2. Under Toad Insight Objects, select Public Synonyms and Exclude those starting with '/'.


Version Control and Team Coding

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013

Toad 12.5 supports Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS).


Alternate URL

You can now enter an alternative URL if your TFS Team Project Collection has a non-standard URL that cannot be correctly built using Toad’s configuration settings for TFS.

When this value is set, Toad ignores all the other settings (Server, Port, Collection, Virtual Dir, etc.) and uses the Alternate URL to build TFS calls to the Team Project Collection on the server.

It is recommended that this is only used in the very small number of cases where the URL to the Team Project Collection is not configurable from the normal Toad settings.

  1. Go to Options | Source Control .
  2. Select Microsoft Team Foundation Server | Settings | Advanced (tab).
  3. Select Alternative URL and enter the path.


Automatically add objects to Team Coding when created:

Toad can now automatically add objects to Team Coding at the time of creation. The objects must be controlled by a Code Collection.

  1. Go to Options | Source Control | Team Coding.
  2. Select Automatic Team Coding Actions - Add to Team Coding when loading/creating an object/ file.
  3. Load a script with multiple objects that are controlled by Code Collections.
  4. Run the script (F5).

    Objects can also be added using F9, and in create-object windows.

  5. Enter a comment in the Add to Archive dialog, and click OK.
  6. Open or refresh the Team Coding viewer. The newly created objects are listed in the Viewer. If third-party VCS is in use, the object source is added to the VCS project for the Code Collection.


Added interface for Serena PVCS Version Manager:

  • PVCS is now supported with Team Coding for both 32-bit and 64-bit Toad.
  • It has been tested with Serena PVCS Version Manager 8.5/ 8.4, and replaces existing Merant PVCS interfaces.
  • PVCS Version manager Command Line Interface (CLI) is now supported.

    PVCS Command Line option must be included when installing PVCS.


New Team Coding menus and tabs streamline workflow

  1. In the Schema Browser, open an object controlled by Team Coding.

  2. Right-click to see the new Team Coding sub-menu that includes check-in, check-out, status, and other available actions.

    Note the new status displayed in the Schema Browser status bar.

  3. Select Team Coding | Check Out (from the right-click menu) and see that status change from Available to Checked Out.
  4. Click the new Team Coding tab to see status and other Team Coding details, including revision history if you use VCS, and Code Analysis details if the option is used.

    The same tab is available in the Editor for Team Coding-controlled objects.


Add to your Schema Browser favorites

You can now add items to Favorites from a Team Coding Code Collection.

  1. In the Schema Browser, open the Favorites window, selected in the list of Tables, Functions, and so on.

  2. In the Actions list, select Add Items from Team Coding.

    The Team Coding Dashboard opens.

  3. Select objects and/or code collections and select Add to Schema Browser Favorites.


Change in support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe integration in Toad is tested with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005. No earlier versions are supported.

Microsoft mainstream support for Visual SourceSafe 2005 ended on 7/12/2012. Limited extended support continues until 7/11/2017. All other versions of SourceSafe are unsupported by Microsoft and by Toad.

For more information, refer to Microsoft documentation.

Professional Edition and Higher

Data generation

Data Generation now has the ability to create SQL*Loader control files for loading data from the command-line.

To generate a SQL*Loader control file:

  1. Right-click a table in the Schema Browser and select Generate Data.
  2. Set your table and field options.
  3. On the Generate Data toolbar, click the 'Create SQL*Loader Control File' button.

    A separate control file will be created for each table selected in the Generate Data window.

Idea Pond link


Code Analysis enhancement

Version Control and Team Coding

Team Coding / Code Analysis integration has an option to prevent check in where an object fails to meet Code Analysis validation metrics.

To enable:

  1. Go to Configure Team Coding.

  2. With Team Coding and VCS already enabled, select Use Code Analysis | Configure.
  3. Select one or both options under Prevent Check-in:
    • Prevent check-in on failed validation metrics
    • Prevent check-in on metrics lower than check-out

If you also select Display warning dialog on validation failures, then a dialog with details of errors will display on validation errors, otherwise a validation error message will display in the output window.

See the related Help topic, "Configure Code Analysis Validation for Team Coding."

DB Admin Module, DBA Suite Edition, and DBA Suite RAC Edition

New options for script generation

You can now include result_cache, flash_cache, and cell_flash_cache when you use Export DDL or Generate Schema Script.

From the main toolbar:

Database | Export |Export DDL (the Script Options | Storage Objects tab), and...

Database | Export | Generate Schema Script (on the Script Options tab, select Objects with Storage on the LHS).

You can specify that these are always included, never included, or only included when non-default.


See also:

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The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Toad for Oracle 12.5.

The Idea Pond on Toad World is a site where you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote or comment on other people's ideas. Toad's development has always been driven by our customers, and now it is even easier for you to tell us what changes are most important. This site is free for all customers.

The following Idea Pond submissions were implemented for this release:

Table 1: General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Code Insight in-progress cancellation N/A
Create SQL*Loader file from within Data Generation N/A
Open/Save dialogs; A new "Online" option disables access to the Repository. N/A


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Resolved Issues

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Table 2: General resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Toad was generating the Scheduler Chain script incorrectly. 114594
Help menu: Toad|Support Bundle|Create Email: Subject field was not properly formatted. 113542
Session Browser: Refresh button did not work under some circumstances. 113419
Session Browser: This error was ending the session: "Internal error: serial # count (3) does not match SID count (3)" 111465
Trace File Browser: ORA:00907: Missing right parenthesis- when SQL Trace(tkprof) | Enabled - Retrieve trace file after execution. 113383
(F5) Script Execution: The user was not prompted for a second variable after the variable had been undefined and reused. 113420
Script Debugger: ORA:06550 and PLS-00103 Encountered while debugging a Package (function) that returns a Boolean. 113417
Code Insight: Code Assist - stack overflow when backspacing and re-entering an arg value. 73383
Object Search: ORA-01795 - Maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000. 102896
Object Search: AV error when using F4 + Object search with toad 12. 111115
(F9) Execute and Compile: The option to compile spec/body as pair did not work. 100336
(F4) Describe: AV when describing mutliple objects, and Describe window is docked. 113742
Options: View|Options|Online: Enterprise password was unencrypted in toad.ini. 112762
Tables: CREATE LIKE, Show SQL Scripts created redundant PK constraints, generated ORA-02260 executing. 114079
Users: Connecting as proxy user unable to execute with SQL*Plus or QSR. 74409
Automation Designer: The 'Top Level Directory' folder pointed to the last location set. 112668
Automation Designer: 'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password' when modifying schedule time. 103006
Repository Open and Save: Favorite Folders showed wrong directory. 113365


Table 3: Connection resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
ORA-01435: User did not exist. 113385
There was a problem connecting when there was '@' in a password.


TNS Editor : TNS Names editor did not reflect the security entry. 113423
Customize layout color by Connection did not work from the connection Data Grid. 68231
Connection to an DB using Toad 12.x crashed but not in 11.5. 112757
Connect pop up was appearing when executing sqlplus script with connect commands. 113427


Table 4: Editor resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Commit did not work with Proxy User in the Editor. 110929
Could not switch off Editor window and variable prompts. 103363
There were problems with running cursor inside a procedure. 109618
Pick List Refresh and Options icons were missing. 113371
Pick-list performance is improved. 113376
Scriptstarting with EXEC failed. 109962
Toad was capitalizing table alias when choosing from pick list. 113416
Variables Popup: Autofill was not working correctly in all situations (constants). 113422
Cursor was offset when copying from Data Grid into Editor. 113382
InitCap hotkey (Ctrl+I) Editor behaved differently in 12.1 than in 11.6. 113384


Table 5: Schema Browser resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Schema Browser didn't show CREATE UNIQUE INDEX script when using GLOBAL PARTITION BY HASH. 113381
SB|Data: Hidden column(s) re-appeared when clicking Refresh in the detail pane. 112095
LHS Filter is not saved and cannot view jobs running currently on RHS.


A problem with DUPLICATE ROW and Datatype CHAR with UNIX style enabled in the options is resolved. 112516
Nonexistent Tablespace names carried over to other DB Connections. 110828
Sort or Refresh custom filter was very inconsistent. 110146
Copy Table Data to another Schema was causing an AV Error. 104985
Create DML Procedures: Merge statement was being generated incorrectly. 114370
Selecting an invisible object on LHS worked erratically. 113425


Table 6: Data Grids resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Toad: Error, Access violation in user32.dll, when Data Grid was set on the right. 58073
Error (ORA: 00942) for grid operations on tables that contain a dollar sign in table name. 113375
BFILE popup had an "open file" dialog that is not needed. 114001
Unable to Commit in Data Grid of Schema Browser for table named PACKAGE. (Worked in 9.7 not 10) 70088


Table 7: Database Browser resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Displayed invalid username/password when connecting. 113411
LHS changes were not saved, including adding folders and order. 109619


Table 8: Import/Export resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Import Table: Compare Data did not properly double the quotes in text values. 111778
Export Data: Errors (LRM-00110;LRM-00113) while Using SQL Loader option. 113421
Data Import: Import of data from ODBC Data Source slowed down with time. 113424
Export Dataset 'Create Insert Statements' on Filtered Hidden columns in 10. 70274


Table 9: Compare Schemas and Databases resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Compare Schemas: Triggers option 'Compare schema name in description' was not working correctly in some cases. 114024
Compare Schemas: Access Violation error double-clicking on constraint in schema compare. 114232
Compare Schemas: Access violation at address 00000000071E3621 in module 'Toad.exe'. 113378
Compare Data: Data Compare utility was not converting timestamp data type correctly. 114231


Table 10: Team Coding and Source Control resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
TFS: Unable to create workspace and add file. 114334
TFS: Not all work-items were displayed. 114398
Team Coding with GIT: Toad didn't correctly read sub-directories and read files as subdirectory/filename.txt 113691
Toad 12 SVN checkout of symbols such as € were being transformed to ? in working folder. 111973
Team Coding/SVN: Slow in populating objects in Team Coding dashboard. 113592
Syncing after data comparison was causing AV. 114493


Table 11: Resolved in the 12.1.1 patch

Resolved Issue Issue ID

Team Coding: "Check in all" dialog did not retrieve correct locking information when Team Coding was set up with no VCS.


Connections: Proxy log-in was failing using OID setup.


Database Browser: Schema Browser was getting embedded in treeview mode.


Schema Browser: Poor performance when a Schema has a lot of packages.


Editor: Save new file: was not using last saved path, went to desktop instead.


Editor: File|Open resulted in "Error connecting to the repository."


Schema Browser: Icons were missing in drop-down/multi-tabbed layout.


Database Browser: Schema Browser window initially appeared when clicking on a node.


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