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Stat 6.1 - Upgrade Notes

PeopleSoft on DB2

Execute the script corresponding to your DB2® platform:



Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the name of the tablespace for the new table STAT_STAGE_CNTRL.

Usually use an existing tablespace, so DB2 utilities that run at the tablespace level do not have to be modified for the new tablespace (example: image copy).


Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the creator/owner id.

Requires the [USERID] to be able to set current sqlid to this [CREATORID] secondary authorization RACF group. Would need to connect [USERID] to the RACF group [CREATORID].


Replace with the Stogroup name for the index.



Table 2. AIX®/UNIX® variables


Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the correct user access id.


Replace with the correct access password.


Replace with tablespace for the table.


Replace with the creator/owner ID of the tables.

Install the Stat Client

Before installing the Stat® Client, please note that the user performing the installation or de-installation needs to be logged in as an Administrator locally on that server/workstation due to enhanced security on Windows®.

The Stat Client can be installed locally or it can be installed to a single network location. For detailed instructions, see the Stat 6.1.0: Install Notes document. You can open this document from the Stat Autorun program by clicking View Install Notes.

Select the 32-bit or the 64-bit Stat Windows Client and click Install Stat Windows Client to launch the InstallShield Wizard for Stat 6.1.0.
Complete the steps for installing the Stat Client locally. See the Stat 6.1.0: Install Notes document for more information.
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