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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

Viewing transfer rules

Click the View Details link to open the Workflow: Transfer Rules window.
All the workflow rules that control the status transfer of the CSR display. A green check mark in the Complete column indicates that the rule is complete. An alert icon indicates that the rule is incomplete.
Click the Back to Workflow link to return to the Workflow window.

Delaying approval requests

System administrators can configure workflow rules so that requests to approve a status transfer are not generated until all the other rules defined for the status transfer (if any) have been marked as complete. This ensures that a status is ready to be transferred before users are asked to approve it and reduces the number of approval requests open at any one time.

If the delayed approvals option has been selected, the Approval List for a particular status will be empty until all the other transfer rules are completed. Once status is ready to be transferred, a user can generate the approval requests by transferring the status, or with proper security rights, you can override the delayed approvals configuration and generate approval requests by clicking Generate. This button is only enabled for users that have been assigned the user class right, Status Transfer Approval Generate.

NOTE: Once the approval list has been generated, the Generate button changes to Regenerate.

Sending approval request notifications

With proper security rights, you can email a pre-formatted message to individual users or to all the users in the approval list reminding them about pending or rejected approval requests.

To email an individual user,

To email all users, click the E-Mail button.

An email job request is sent to the Stat® Central Agent which processes the request and sends an email either to each user you selected or to each user in the approval list. A green check mark is displayed next to each user you selected indicating that the job request was submitted to the Agent

System administrators can also configure the Stat Central Agent to include links in the reminder message that the recipient can click to approve or reject the status transfer. This sends an email back to the Stat Central Agent, which processes the response email and changes the approval status to Approve or Reject, depending on which link the approver selected.

NOTE: When an approval status is changed by responding to a reminder message, the Update Date field in the Approval List window will be automatically populated and the Updated By field will display the value, Via email.

For more information, see the book Stat System Administration, Chapter 7, Email Configuration.

Updating approval lists

Occasionally one of the classes or queues designated to approve status transfers needs to be updated, either because new users have been added to the class or queue or existing users have been removed. When this is the case, you can update the approved users list based on class or queue by clicking Regenerate. This removes obsolete users belonging to a class or queue from the list and adds new ones. It also resets approval statuses to Pending.

NOTE: Clicking the Regenerate button only affects users belonging to classes or queues and is enabled only for users that have been assigned the user class right, Status Transfer Approval Refresh.
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