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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

Adding attachments to CSRs

Stat® Web supports attaching files to CSRs. This allows users to immediately access important data both inside and outside of the Stat Repository.

Select Attachments section in the CSR window.
Click Add Attachments to open the dialog window.
Click Browse. Then locate the file you want to attach to the CSR and click Open.
In the Comments field, enter a brief description of the attachment.
Click Add Attachment.

Creating CSR templates

You can specify default CSR values by saving a CSR as a template. When you save a CSR as a template, the values displayed in certain fields of that CSR become the default settings for new CSRs created within the same service domain. This can save time if many of the CSRs you create within a service domain have the same values. For example, if you work primarily with the Benefits application while in the HR service domain, you could create a template with Benefits as the default value displayed in the Application field of new CSRs.

You can use a CSR template to set default values for the following fields in a CSR window:

CSR templates are based on existing CSRs. If you want to want to base the template on a new CSR, first create the CSR by specifying the default values you want to use in the appropriate fields of the CSR window and click Submit. The new CSR can then be used as the basis for a template.

Check the Update CSR Template check box.

If a template already exists for the current service domain, saving a CSR as a template overwrites the existing template.



Workflows are sets of rules that regulate the sequence and conditions by which CSRs can change from one status to another. Your system administrator defines workflows based on a combination of service domain and CSR type. When creating a CSR, the Workflow field automatically displays the default workflow defined for the selected CSR type (if any). You can select a different workflow if more than one has been defined. However, if no workflows have been defined for the selected CSR type, this field is grayed out.

When you create a CSR that is assigned a workflow, the start status of the workflow is automatically the status of that CSR. The statuses to which you can transfer the CSR are determined both by the sequence of the workflow diagram and the completion of any transfer rules that may exist.


Changing CSR status

When working on CSR assigned to a workflow, you cannot change the status of the CSR until any workflow rules governing that status transfer have been met.

Click the Workflow section in the CSR window.
The Workflow window shows the current status of the CSR and the status(es) to which it can be transferred as specified in the workflow diagram. See Understanding the Workflow section .
To transfer the status of a CSR, select the radio button next to the status and click Transfer Status. You can only transfer a CSR to statuses that display a green check mark, meaning that all their transfer rules are satisfied.
The Transfer History portion of the Workflow window shows the sequence of status changes the CSR has already gone through.
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