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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

Exporting queries

You can export the contents of a query in a number of different file formats. This feature can facilitate printing when a query contains an especially large amount of data.

Click the Export button on the query’s toolbar located in the top right corner of the query.
This opens the Export Settings window for that query.

Using pages

If you have several queries displayed in the CSR Console, it may be difficult to navigate through all the available information. One way to organize your queries is to display them on separate pages. This way, you could have one page for CSR queries, another page just for task queries, and a third page for approvals, or you can have pages which display queries only for specific users or service domains.

When you first log in, the CSR Console features one default page, My Stat.

To add a page, click the Add Page link in the CSR Console. Then in the Add Page field, enter the name you want for the new page and click Add Page. To remove a page, open it and click Remove Current Page. You can remove any page in the CSR Console, including the default, MyStat page.



CSR stands for Change/Service Request, which is basically a problem or issue reported by a customer or another user that is documented and resolved in Stat®. The CSR window is a central location in which to compile all the information related to a request, as well as manage all the steps of investigating and resolving it. CSRs are where most of the user activity in Stat takes place.


Finding CSRs

If you need to open a CSR that is not currently listed in one of your CSR queries, Stat® provides two ways to quickly locate CSRs in the Stat Repository.

If you know the CSR ID, enter it in the Open CSR ID field, and click the arrow button or the <Enter> key. When entering the ID, be sure to include the service domain code, for example, ORA-29.
If you do not know the CSR ID, enter key words in the Search field, and click the arrow button. Stat Web searches the Stat Repository for all the CSRs that contain the keywords you specified in any of their text fields and lists the CSRs it finds in the Search Results page. To conduct a narrower search, enter more keywords or whole phrases enclosed in dictation marks. Keyword searches are case insensitive.
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