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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

Showing job and log details

To view more information about a job or log, click the link in the Job Description column. In the Schedule and Jobs tabs, this opens the Job Details pop-up window, which shows the owner of the job, its priority, and additional parameters. In the Logs tab, this opens the Log Details pop-up window, which shows the individual entries for that log.

To close a Details window, click the Hide Details link for individual jobs or logs, or click the Hide Details button, which closes all open Details windows.

The Job Details window displays different information about a job depending on the tab from which it is opened. When opened from the Jobs tab, the Job Details window displays the same information about a job as it does when opened from the Schedule tab, however, from the Jobs tab, the window also shows the weekly processing schedule of the job. Job Details windows feature links that let you open the other Details windows for the same job in different tabs.


Test Connect

In the Test Connect page of Stat® Web, you can validate the connections for Databases, File Servers, E-Mail servers, and 3rd Party Version Control tools.

Click Test Connect in the user account drop-down menu. This opens the Stat Test Connect window.
Click Test Selected.
Stat Web attempts to establish a connection to the selected items. For each item, the Status column displays OK if the connection is successful, and if unsuccessful, it displays an error message explaining the reason why, the Status column displays an error message stating the cause of the failure.



Stat® Web users can view reports on demand, meaning they can be viewed by Stat Web account holders at any time, not according to the time the reports are scheduled in the Stat Windows client to be emailed, exported, or printed. Reports generated through Stat Web are displayed as PDF files in the browser window or as Excel® files.

To view a report in Stat Web, the report must have available criteria that was previously defined and saved in the Stat Windows client.

Running reports

Click Reports in the user account drop-down menu to open the Stat® Web Report Viewer.
Click Generate.


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