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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

CSR History

Viewing CSR change history

As a CSR moves from one stage to another during its life cycle, many of its values are changed and updated. The History window maintains a record of these changes, allowing you to determine which values were changed, when, and by whom.

The History window records:

Changes to the information displayed in the Description and Resolution fields. To view changes to the contents of the Description and Resolution fields, select the History row. Details of the changes will be displayed on the bottom of the window.
Whenever objects associated with the CSR (if any) are added, locked, unlocked, reserved, or removed. To view detailed information, click a record labeled Object Activity. This information will be displayed on the bottom of the window. For each activity, the window displays the type of activity, the object name and type, the environment the object is located in, and the developer who initiated the action.


Job Monitor

In the Job Monitor page of Stat® Web, you can perform basic administrative tasks, such as manually running jobs and configuring the Stat Central Agent to skip scheduled jobs. Access to the Job Monitor page is controlled by user class rights.


Opening the Job Monitor

Click Job Monitor in the user account drop-down menu.


Shows all the jobs scheduled for the current 24 hour period that have yet to be processed. See Viewing job schedules.


Displays a list of all the jobs that have been defined for the Stat Central Agent. See Running jobs.


Displays a list of error logs generated by Stat Central Agent for the current day.

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