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Stat 6.0 - Web User Guide

Adding tasks manually

You can manually add tasks to a CSR at any time and assign them to other users in the service domain of the CSR.

In the CSR window, click the Tasks link in the View tab of the CSR window.
In the Tasks list, click New to open the Tasks window.
Click in the Activity Type field and select an activity code from the list. Activity codes identify job categories that group related tasks. If the task does not fall into one of the pre-defined categories, select Other Activity - Specify.
(Optionally) In the Title field, enter a brief description of the task. By default, the title displays the selected activity type.
In the Start Date field, click the Calendar icon and select the date when the task is to be started. Most likely it will be the current date, but you can specify any date you want.
In the Due Date field, click the Calendar icon and select the date when the task should be complete. The due date of an auto task is determined by the system administrator. For example, the system administrator can specify that the task is due three days before the due date of the CSR. When you manually add a new task, the due date defaults to the CSR due date. You can also modify the due date if necessary.
Click in the Assigned to field and select the user you want to assign this task. The list includes all active users for the service domain.
In the Estimated Hrs field, enter the estimated number of hours it will take to complete the task. A value in this field is necessary for the system to determine the complete percentage.
In the Bill Rate field, enter the rate per hour that will be charged for the task, if any.
In the Comments field, type any comments regarding this task. Some tasks may require a comment when completed. Stat notifies you of this by displaying the word Required next to this field.
Stat automatically updates the% Complete field if you select the Auto Update option.
Click OK when you are finished, or add another task if you want by clicking the New.

Posting time to tasks

Stat® allows you to track the progress of a task by entering the exact time spent on it. Post the time in the Task Entry section of the Tasks window.

NOTE: Although you cannot post time to tasks opened directly from read-only CSRs, with proper security rights, you can post time to any task opened from a Task Query list, including tasks not assigned to you and tasks associated with closed or read-only CSRs.
From a CSR: Click the Tasks link in the View tab of the CSR window, and select the task.
From a Task Query: In a Task Query list, select the task.
Scroll down to the Time Entries section, which displays tasks already saved to the Stat Repository.
By default, the current date is displayed in the Date field. To change the date, click the Calendar icon next to the Date field, and select the date.
Click in the User field and select the user that performed the work.
In the Hours fields, enter the number of hours spent on the task. You can use decimals to post portions of an hour, for example, 4.35.
When finished, click Update to save the time entry.
Stat automatically updates the Actual Hours field with the total number of hours posted as time entries. Also, if the Auto Update option is selected, the % Complete field is automatically updated.

CSR logs

Viewing CSR log files

The Log window displays all the logs that have been added to the CSR, either by the user or automatically by Stat® when it sends or receives an email associated with the CSR, or when the CSR lock is overridden.

With proper security rights, you can modify the text and topic value of your own logs as well as logs written by other users after the logs are saved. However, you cannot delete logs once they are saved, and you cannot modify system-generated logs.

Click Logs section.
Click New Log.
In the Topic field, assigned a topic to the log topic.
Optionally, select the Confidential option.
In the Details field, enter the contents of the log.
Click Create.


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