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Stat 6.0 - User Guide

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The Timescale Region

In the Timescale region, CSRs, tasks, and % complete are represented graphically by horizontal bars on a timescale. You can customize these bars individually.

You can change the Start Date, End Date, Duration, and Percent Complete of tasks directly on the timeline by dragging the bar to a new position. When you position your mouse over a bar on the timeline, your cursor changes shape to indicate what will change when you drag the timeline. The cursor shapes are:

Left arrow – adjusts Start Date
Right arrow – adjusts End Date
Left/right arrow – moves task without changing duration
Right arrow with percent (%) sign – adjusts percent complete

Any time you adjust an item on the timeline, a small gray box appears above the item and displays the new value as you make changes. To adjust the Start or End date, position your cursor at the beginning or end of the bar, respectively, and drag left or right. To move the entire task without changing its duration, position your cursor over the center of the bar and drag left or right. To adjust the Percent Complete, position your cursor over the right end of the Percent Complete bar and drag it left or right.

Changes made on the timeline are reflected immediately in the task list on the Task/Activity tab. If you make changes to task start dates, you may want to re-sort the timeline by opening another tab and then re-opening the Gantt Chart tab. This re-sorts the Gantt chart to reflect your changes.

If you want to change the start or end dates of a CSR, you must open the CSR and make the changes directly. You cannot change these values on the timeline.

Customizing the Gantt Chart

To modify the appearance of the bars or the measurement method for the timescale, in the Gantt Chart tab, click Options.... This opens the Gantt Chart Options window.

You can modify the color of the CSR and task bars. The % Complete bar is a fixed teal color.

To change the color of a bar, click the Browse button (...) and select a predefined color or create your own customized color.

If you want a symbol to mark the start or end of a bar, select the symbols you want in the Symbol fields.

You can add predefined text to a bar by selecting the text you want in the Bar Text field. You can select text position in the Bar Text Position field. This text can serve as a title.

In the Print Header or Print Footer box, enter text that you want printed on the chart.

CSRs, tasks, and percentage complete are represented graphically through a time line. There are major and minor timescales. Within each timescale, you can select a different unit of measure. For instance, you may want to view CSRs and tasks in terms of days per week.

You can adjust timescales in the Gantt Chart Options window by selecting from the drop down list. To modify the major and minor timescales, double-click the upper and lower portion of the header, respectively. Then in the Select Timescale dialog box (either Major or Minor), select the timescale you want and click OK.

Understanding Project Security

Security rights are determined by a system administrator and assigned by user class. When you work with projects, your user class determines the functions you can perform.

With projects, the security options determined by your user class are:

Access different service domains – Although projects can cross service domains, you must specify which service domains apply to a project. You can only apply service domains that your user class has access to.
Open new projects – If your user class does not include this right, the New Project option is disabled on your menu
Edit projects assigned to other users – Security may restrict you from being able to modify a project assigned to a different user
Add CSRs – Your user class determines if you are able to add CSRs to a project
View all CSRs associated with a project – You can only see the CSRs from the service domains to which you have access


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