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Stat 6.0 - User Guide

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Customizing Support Console Lists

You can customize a list displayed in a tab of the Support Console by specifying the columns you want displayed and in what order. You can also apply filter and sort settings.


You can sort the information displayed in list columns in ascending or descending order. By default the items in a list are sorted in the order they were opened. You can sort columns one at a time or several at once.

When you click on any of the column headings, the sort changes based on that column. If you want to sort a particular column in ascending order, click once on the column heading. If you click on the same column again, Stat changes the sorting to descending. If you click on another column, the sorting changes to that newly sorted column. When you exit, Stat asks you if you want to save your new sort order as a permanent preference.

You can simultaneously sort multiple columns via the Specify Sort Columns dialog box.

In the Source Data field, click and hold on the name of the column you want to sort. Then drag and drop the column into the Columns field.

You can apply a filter to a list to provide a quick drill-down to only the items you want to see. For example, you may want your list to show all CSRs that are due after a certain date.

Click Verify to check the validity of your equation.
Click OK to close the message box.

Stat displays a message on the right side of the Support Console alerting you that a filter is in use and that a certain number of records are hidden from view:

Console Notifications

When you login to Stat, the Support Console automatically queries the system for any CSRs or tasks that have been assigned to you since you last logged in. You can configure the Support Console to check periodically for new assignments and to notify you right away if it finds anything. Additionally, if a Stat user changes a CSR in such a way that it impacts your list, that change is automatically reflected at each refresh. The Support Console also automatically refreshes the list whenever you select a different tab. Setting refresh time intervals is discussed later in this chapter.

At each refresh, if Stat finds a new CSR it displays the Stat Alert message box.

Click Acknowledge to tell Stat that you acknowledge the new CSRs and close the message box. Stat will not remind you again.

Click Snooze to close the message box. Stat displays the same message box each time you refresh the current list.

Navigating the List

You can navigate the CSR list using either your mouse or the keyboard.

You can quickly access many of the Support Console’s most frequently used functions by right-clicking anywhere on the CSR list view and selecting from the following options on the pop-up menu that appears:

Open CSR – Opens the highlighted CSR or Project
Print CSR – Prints the highlighted CSR (disabled from Project list)
Print List – Prints the entire list (disabled from Project list)
Refresh Data – Refreshes the list with any new CSRs or Projects
Filter Data – Opens the Specify Filter dialog box, which is described above in the section Filtering List Columns .
Sort Data – Opens the Specify Sort Columns dialog box, which is described above in the section Sorting List Columns .
Select List Group – Allows the user to display a different list group

You can scroll up or down the CSR list by pressing the Up and Down Arrow keys. Pressing the <Enter> key opens the currently selected CSR.

Project List

The Project list displays a list of all projects. For more information on projects, see The Project Window .

The Project list is arranged in columns. Each line of the list represents a single project. A grayed out line means the project has been completed.

The Project list displays the following fields:

Project Code - The user-assigned code for the project. These codes are unique across all service domains in Stat.
Description - A description of the project.
Start Date - The date the project started or is scheduled to start.
End Date - The date the project is scheduled to be completed.
Project Owner - The user primarily responsible for the project.
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