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Stat 6.0 - Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Stat Upgrade the Stat Central Agent Upgrade the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Additional changes Appendix: Upgrade Checklist

Upgrading the Stat Central Agent on Oracle WebLogic 11g/12c

As an alternative to the recommended Stat® standalone platform, the Stat Central Agent can be installed on Weblogic 11g or Weblogic 12c (v12.1.x-v12.2.x).

Create a directory for named Stat in <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/.
NOTE: If you have port conflicts, see Resolving port conflicts (WebLogic).
Create a variable named <STAT_HOME> and set it to <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat.
Create a variable named <STAT_HOME2> and set it to <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat2.
On the installation media, go to the \stat_server\weblogic folder and unzip the file to <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat.
NOTE: For Unix®, use the -a modifier to unzip the file.
Next, you need to edit the startup script, startWebLogic.cmd located in <STAT_HOME>, so that it references the correct wlserver folder name and (optionally) a different JDK version.
You will need to modify <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat/startweblogic.cmd (or for Unix) to point <STAT_HOME> to this new location or to the variable described in step 4.
Edit startWebLogic.cmd as follows:
Locate the wlserver_10x or wlserver_12x folder under <WL_HOME>, and edit the line
set WL_HOME=%STAT_HOME%\..\..\..\wlserver_10 so that it specifies the exact folder name (e.g., wlserver_10.3).
NOTE: WebLogic names its wlserver folder based on the minor release installed.
(Optional) If you want to use a different 1.7.x JDK version, replace the line JAVA_HOME=..\..\..\jdk160_45 with the path for the new version (e.g., JAVA_HOME=C:\j2sdk170_25).
If you are using WebLogic 12.2.x and on Windows, edit the following lines in <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat/bin/setDomainEnv.cmd:
@REM call "%WL_HOME%\..\oracle_common\common\bin\commEnv.cmd"
@REM call "%WL_HOME%\common\bin\commEnv.cmd"
If you are using WebLogic 12.2.x and on Unix, edit the following lines in <WL_HOME>/user_projects/domains/stat/bin/
# . ${WL_HOME}/../oracle_common/common/bin/
# . ${WL_HOME}/common/bin/
Copy the files wlclient.jar, wljmsclient.jar, and wlthint3client.jar to each workstation where the Stat Windows Client is installed.
These files are located in <WL_HOME>/wlserver_10.x/server/lib.
NOTE: For Oracle applications only, wlclient.jar and wljmsclient.jar must also be copied to each Stat Oracle Agent. See Upgrade the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only).
If on Windows, run script startWebLogic.cmd.
Click Services and then Data Sources on the Domain Structure tree on the left side of the screen.
Click StatDataSource on the Configuration tab.
Click the Connection Pool tab.
Click Lock & Edit on the upper left portion of the screen.
Click Save on the Connection Pool tab.
NOTE: If you do not receive a green check mark with the message Settings Updated Successfully, edit your savings and try again.
Click Activate Changes under Lock & Edit.
You should receive a green check mark with the message All Changes have been activated. No restarts are necessary.

Configuring the Stat Central Agent on Oracle WebLogic 11g/12c

Refer to the following sections for information on the number of ways you can configure the Stat® Central Agent on Oracle® WebLogic 11g/12c:

Configuring the Stat Central Agent as a Windows service (WebLogic)

Optionally, you can configure the Stat® Central Agent as a Windows® service. For more information, see the section, Setting Up a WebLogic Server Instance as a Windows Service, currently located at the following URL:

Installing DB2 support for the Stat Central Agent (WebLogic)

The requirements have changed since 5.6.3. The DB2® Client connect does not need to be installed on the Stat™ Central Agent machine, however the agent does need the jdbc drivers provided in DB2 connect.

The Stat Central agent will now use the IBM® JDBC type 4 driver. The required files can be found in C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java of the DB2 client installation. Note that Stat requires a 32 bit version of these files.

Copy db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_%%.jar from C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java to <STAT_HOME>\lib. The location of required drivers may vary on your site due to DB2 installation preferences.

Also note that in the Stat Central agent needs 3 columns filled in for connection to a PeopleSoft database that were not required before.

Host Name — The IP address or server name where the database resides
Service Name— The UDB/DB2 database name. This is database name as defined during installation, not an alias.
DB Listener Port — The port that is listening for requests against the UDB/DB2 database.

Additionally, the Other Database Parameters field is now case sensitive for UDB/DB2 databases. The correct format is:

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