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Stat 6.0 - Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Stat Upgrade the Stat Central Agent Upgrade the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Additional changes Appendix: Upgrade Checklist

Upgrade the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only)

The following upgrade must be performed on each Oracle® E-Business Suite server that will be managed by Stat®. You must re-install each Stat Oracle Agent defined on each server before you can upgrade them from 5.8.x to 6.0.0. To save time, however, it is recommended that you first create a backup of the stat.conf file for each agent. This way, after installing a Stat Oracle Agent from the 6.0 installation cd, you can reuse your 6.0.0 configurations by copying configuration data from the archived stat.conf file to the new stat.conf file you just installed.

To use the Oracle E-Business Suite functionality supported by Stat, install and run the Stat Oracle Agent after you have installed and run the Stat Central Agent.

Backup or archive the stat.conf file for each Stat Oracle Agent you want to upgrade.
Locate the stat installation directory: <stat installation cd>/stat_agent_ora_apps.
Copy the from the Stat installation CD to the Oracle E-Business Suite server.
Unzip in the home directory of the new user created for the Stat Oracle Agent files, or the new directory if the existing user is being used. This directory is referred to below as STAT_HOME.
Set <STAT_HOME> and PATH in the profile of each Oracle E-Business Suite user (e.g. applmgr) on the server.
Set STAT_JAVA_HOME to the JVM that should be used by the Stat Oracle Agent.
Example: $>STAT_JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/17
TIP: You can also use the Java version supplied in your E-Business environment. The version used by Stat should be equal to or greater than the one in the E-Business environment.
For users that have installed the Stat Central Agent on Weblogic, locate the files wlclient.jar, wljmsclient.jar, and wlthint3client.jar in <WL_HOME>/wlserver_10.x/server/lib and copy them to the ~/lib/weblogic directory for each Oracle Agent that you have set up.
For each Stat Oracle Agent that you are upgrading, open the stat.conf file that you backed up/archived in step 2, copy the configuration settings you want to re-use, and paste them in the corresponding 6.0.0 stat.conf file located in <STAT_HOME>/conf.
In each 6.0.0 stat.conf file, specify the new Stat 6.0.0 configuration settings as needed.
See Additional changes for information on new Stat 6.0.0 configuration parameters.
Open the stat.conf file located in <STAT_HOME>/conf and add the parameter <env>.env.CONTEXT_NAME:<sid_hostname>.
The following parameters are no longer required in the stat.conf file for 12.x and are automatically read from the Context File. If they are present in stat.conf, they will override the values read from the Context File.
Open the file located in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ and locate the following:
Open the file located in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ and locate the following:
NOTE: For R12.2, make sure to change these values on both Run and Patch Editions.
Remove xmlparserv2.jar from the <STAT_HOME>/lib/oracle directory.
Review Appendix F of the System Administrator Guide if you have a firewall between your Stat Oracle Agents and your Stat Central Agent.

Additional changes

Topics in this section:

Assign user class rights

The table below describes the new user class rights defined in Stat® 6.0.0. You may need to assign certain rights to implement some 6.0.0 enhancements.


CSR Edit

Remove Deleted Objs from Archives

Stat 6.0.0 optional enhancements

The change requests listed below describe enhancements featured in Stat® 6.0.0 which you can implement as needed. For a complete list of enhancements, see the Release Notes.
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