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Stat 6.0 - System Administration Guide

Overview of Stat Administration Administrative Utilities Stat Security General Maintenance Tables
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Service Domain-Specific Maintenance Configuring the Stat Central Agent Email Configuration Object Security Appendix: Sample Service Domain Configuration Appendix: User Class Rights Appendix: Creating a Staging Database Appendix: Database Tuning Appendix: Oracle Applications File Type Directory Appendix: Ports and Firewalls Appendix: Stat Web Services Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: stat.conf Configuration Appendix: Custom Report Files

Day Schedule

In the Day Schedule field, select one of the following:

Select the Day of Week option if you want the job to run on certain days of every week. Then select the check box next to the days you want.
Select the Day of Month option if you want the job to run on either the first day of the month, the last day of the month, or both. Then select the options you want.
Select the Run Once option if you want the Stat Central Agent to run the job only once. Then either select Run Immediate if you want the Stat Central Agent to run the job immediately (or as soon as possible depending on agent status and processing time), or click the Browse button and in the Calendar window specify the day and time you want the Stat Central Agent to run the job.

Time Schedule

In the Time Schedule field, select one of the following:

Select the Schedule Hours option if you want the job to run at certain hours of the day(s) specified in the Day Schedule section. Select the check box next to the hour (in military time) you want. You may also use the spinner controls to specify a value for the minutes after the hour (between 0 and 59). For example, if you want the job to run at 7:30 am, select 07 and enter 30 for the minutes.
Select the Minute Intervals option if you want the job to run at less than one hour intervals. Use the spinner controls to enter a value between 1 and 59.

After specifying the day and time schedule, click OK or Apply to save your work.

The Error Notification Tab

In the Error Notification tab, you can configure the Agent responsible for the job to send email notifications to certain Stat users or user classes when errors are encountered. The procedure of setting up error notification for a job is exactly the same as setting up error notification for the Agent. If you do not define a separate error notification mailing list for a job, Stat uses the error notification list defined for the Agent. For more information, see Defining Agent Jobs .

Stat Central Agent Printers

When you schedule a Print Report job for the Stat Central Agent, you must specify the printer that you want the Agent to use. You define the list of available printers in the Stat Central Agent Printer Maintenance window. To open this window, select Maintenance | Stat Central Agents | Agent Printers.

In the Domain field, select the service domain in which the print job is defined.
Click New.
In the Printer Cd field enter an alphanumeric code of up to 10 characters that uniquely identifies the printer.
In the Description field enter a short description of the printer
In the Host Printer Name field enter the port and name of the printer as it is defined on the server. Then click OK.
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