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Stat 6.0 - System Administration Guide

Overview of Stat Administration Administrative Utilities Stat Security General Maintenance Tables
System Maintenance Service Domain Maintenance Department Maintenance Country Maintenance Customer Maintenance Object Type Maintenance PeopleSoft Environment Connection Maintenance Pre/Post Migration Steps Parameters Oracle Applications Configuration Oracle Applications Connection Maintenance Generic Application Connection Maintenance Schema Object Parameters Maintenance Data Object Maintenance PeopleSoft Search Configurations Stat Report Definition Maintenance Version Control Management Connection Maintenance
Service Domain-Specific Maintenance Configuring the Stat Central Agent Email Configuration Object Security Appendix: Sample Service Domain Configuration Appendix: User Class Rights Appendix: Creating a Staging Database Appendix: Database Tuning Appendix: Oracle Applications File Type Directory Appendix: Ports and Firewalls Appendix: Stat Web Services Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: stat.conf Configuration Appendix: Custom Report Files

Defining Message Content

After selecting the trigger event and optionally specifying rule criteria, the next step is to open the email Message tab and define the content of the email message that is to be sent out when the rule is triggered.

NOTE: If you select the Most Recent Log option and the most recent log entered on the CSR is flagged as confidential, the log is not included in the email message. Also, if you select the Attachments option, any attachments on the original CSR will be forwarded with the email message.

Defining a Distribution List

After specifying the content of the email message, the next step is to specify a distribution list of mail recipients.

In the Send To field, select a value. Send to options are based on a selected rule event and could be different for each rule.
In the Field field, select how you want the message addressed to the recipient.
Options include To, CC, and Blind CC.
If you selected User, Specified in the Send To field, select the Stat user you want in the Other Address field.
If you selected Other Address in the Send To field, enter the email address in the Other Address field.
Click Add.
Click Remove.

Resetting a Rule

Occasionally, you may want to reset a rule that fires only once so that it can be triggered again. To do this, open the History tab for the rule. Select the CSR or past due item that you want to reset. Click Delete. Then click Apply or OK.

Saving Rules

Click OK to save your rule. Stat checks your rule for errors. If an error is found, Stat informs you what you need to correct. When Stat saves your rule, it assigns it a unique number.

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