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Stat 6.0 - System Administration Guide

Overview of Stat Administration Administrative Utilities Stat Security General Maintenance Tables
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The History Tab

This tab displays a record of connection denials and terminations.

The History tab contains the following fields (columns):

The date of the termination or denial event

The type of disconnection. There are two events: “Terminated” which means that the disconnection was manually triggered and “No Licenses” which means that the System denied connection to the user(s) because the number of licensed seats has been met.

The name of the user for whom the connection was denied or terminated

The name of the person who caused the event. In the instance of a No Licenses event, it defaults to “Account, System.”


General Maintenance Tables

System Maintenance

The System Maintenance table defines global operating parameters for your copy of Stat. System Maintenance table security is controlled by the user class right, System Table - Edit. There is no add right.

To open the System Maintenance window, select Maintenance | General | System Maintenance.

General Tab

The General tab of the System Maintenance window displays addresses and contact information.

When specifying your company’s address, select the country where your company resides in the Country field. Depending on the country you select, the labels of certain fields may change in keeping with the address conventions of that country. Stat comes installed with predefined country labels for USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. You can define additional countries in the country maintenance table, as described in the section, Country Maintenance .

The following table describes the value types in the General tab (USA default):

Company Name
(Required Value)

The name of the organization this copy of Stat is licensed to

(Required Value)

The country of the address

(Required Value)

A definition of the business unit that Stat is licensed to

(Required Value)

The street address


The name of the building, if applicable


The route number, if applicable

PO Box

The post office box number, if applicable

(Required Value)

The city of the address

(Required Value)

The state of the address

Zip Code
(Required Value)

The zip code of the address

(Required Value)

A primary telephone number for the organization

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