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Stat 6.0 - Release Notes

Upgrade and installation instructions

For information on upgrading Stat® 5.7.x to version 6.0, see the Patch App Instructions document included with this release.

Additional resources

Additional information is available from the following:

Online product documentation (, which features latest versions of the Stat® System Administration Guide and the Stat User Guide
Stat Community (


The Stat® Central Agent must be run in a U.S. English configuration. The Stat Client may be run in any single-byte Western European locale or language configuration supported by Windows. Support for other non-ASCII character encodings and/or non-English configurations may work appropriately, but these configurations have not been tested and this product should be used with caution in these environments. Components may be run in any time zone. For specific support information, contact Quest Support.

The Stat Central Agent has the following known capabilities or limitations:

The Stat Central Agent must run on an operating system configured to run in “C”, POSIX, or U.S. English locale. Non-English configurations are known to return data formats (numbers, dates, etc.) which the server does not properly process.

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