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Stat 6.0 - Install Notes

Installing Stat
Prepare for installation Unpack the 6.0.0 installer Install the Stat database Create a staging database (PeopleSoft Only) Install the Stat Client Configure the Stat database Update the System Maintenance table Install the Stat Central Agent Install the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Configure the SYSTEM user account Update the PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft Only) Implement Stat



Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the correct user access id.


Replace with the correct access password.


Replace with tablespace for the table.


Replace with the creator/owner ID of the tables.

Install the Stat Client

The user performing the installation or de-installation needs to have Administrator privileges due to enhanced security on the Windows® operating system.

Local installation

Click Install Stat Windows Client.
NOTE: Users installing on Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 may receive security warnings stating that the software publisher cannot be identified or verified. These warnings can be disregarded.
Click Next.
Click Next.
You can keep the default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software), or if you want to install to a different location, click Change and specify the location.
NOTE: FDCC regulations stipulate that only administrators be allowed to write to the Program Files folder. For this reason, the Stat installer creates an additional documents folder.
On Windows 7 and higher, this is C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\Stat\6.0.0.
This folder is also where the user-editable file stat.ini is installed (unless you have additional security installed on your machine, in which case it is hidden), as well as the dictionary files userdic.tlx and correct.tlx.
Click Next.
Complete installs all of the Stat application components. Complete is recommended for the initial installation.
Custom allows you to choose from a list of optional components the ones you want to install. Custom is recommended on individual workstations where certain components might not be needed.
Click Next.
If you selected Custom, the next window has the User Guide pre-selected. The following components are deselected by default in a custom installation:
Network Installation (network installations only) – This option creates the folder under the Stat install directory that contains the setup program users must run for their workstations to connect to a network installation. For more information, see the section, Network Installation on page 13.
System Administrators Guide – If the user should have access to the System Administration Guide, select this option.
PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft users only) – The PS Object Mover instructions must be selected on at least one workstation in order to update the Stat object that archives PeopleSoft objects. These instructions are required in order for this object to operate. The instructions are loaded using the Update PS Object Mover utility available under the General Maintenance menu. Deselect on workstations where the user will not have the security to run these instructions.
Click Next to install the Stat shortcuts in the default Start menu folder, Quest Software/Stat 6.0.
Modify the folder name, and click Next to install the shortcuts into a different Start menu folder.
In the next window, click Install to begin the installation.
When prompted, click Finish to complete the installation.

Network installation

Stat® can be installed in one primary network location that users can access remotely. Remote users must install certain files on their individual workstations to run Stat from the primary location.

NOTE: Both the network installation of Stat and the installation of files on the workstations of remote users must be performed by an administrator.
Run the Stat Client install program at the designated network location and select either the Complete installation option, or select the Custom install option with the Network Installation component.
Navigate to <STAT_HOME>/netinstall on the primary location.
Run Setup.exe.
The stat.ini file and spelling dictionaries are loaded to C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\Stat\6.x.x on individual user workstations.
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