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Stat 6.0 - Install Notes

Installing Stat
Prepare for installation Unpack the 6.0.0 installer Install the Stat database Create a staging database (PeopleSoft Only) Install the Stat Client Configure the Stat database Update the System Maintenance table Install the Stat Central Agent Install the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Configure the SYSTEM user account Update the PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft Only) Implement Stat

PeopleSoft on Oracle

Locate the StageORA855.sql script.
[OWNER/PWD@DATABASENAME] Replace with the correct values for the PeopleSoft® schema owner/password and staging database.
[SPOOLPT] Replace with the directory for the session log.
[PTAPP] Replace with the tablespace for the staging table
[PSINDEX] Replace with the tablespace for the staging table indexes
Run the modified script via Sql*Plus or Toad® in the PeopleSoft staging database as the PeopleSoft schema owner

PeopleSoft on SQL Server

Locate the StageMSS855.sql script.
Find and replace the variable [DATABASENAME] with the name of the database.
Using Enterprise Manager, go into SQL Server® Analyzer from Tools on the menu bar.
Log in as sa or a login that is a member of the sysadmin fixed server role or the database owner.

PeopleSoft on DB2

Execute the script corresponding to your DB2® platform:



Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the name of the tablespace for the new table STAT_STAGE_CNTRL.

Usually use an existing tablespace, so DB2 utilities that run at the tablespace level do not have to be modified for the new tablespace (example: image copy).


Replace with the name of the database.


Replace with the creator/owner id.

Requires the [USERID] to be able to set current sqlid to this [CREATORID] secondary authorization RACF group. Would need to connect [USERID] to the RACF group [CREATORID].


Replace with the Stogroup name for the index.


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