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Stat 6.0 - Install Notes

Installing Stat
Prepare for installation Unpack the 6.0.0 installer Install the Stat database Create a staging database (PeopleSoft Only) Install the Stat Client Configure the Stat database Update the System Maintenance table Install the Stat Central Agent Install the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Configure the SYSTEM user account Update the PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft Only) Implement Stat

Base directory codes

After defining a new base directory or editing an existing one in the File Object Maintenance table, you need to update the configuration file of the Stat® Oracle® Agent. The Stat Oracle Agent must be able to resolve the base directory codes when processing generic file objects. For example, if in the File Object Maintenance table you defined a base directory code COMMON_TOP, you must add the following parameter to all the Oracle Agents that will process the generic objects using this base directory code:

The syntax for the parameter is <EnvCode>.env.<BaseDirectory>=<value>. The parameter in this example is added to the Oracle Agent for the “Dev” environment. The parameter can be set to a different directory for each agent.

For R12.2 environments, if these base directories are under the Edition-based File System, then the value for each Base Directory must come from the Context File. An example of these types of Base Directories would be OA_HTML. This parameter is defined in the Context file with a value for both the fs1 and fs2 file system. To retrieve values from the Context File, you always need an XPath expression. A new column called Context Pattern is defined in Stat which stores the XPath expression for retrieving the value from the Context File. (You may need to consult with your DBA and refer to documentation for EXTRACTVALUE command). For example the expression for retrieving OA_HTML from the Context file is:

Note that if these Base Directories are not under the Edition-based File System, then the value for the Base Directory is defined in stat.conf as before.

Also Note that in general if a value is defined for any parameter in stat.conf, it always overrides the value read from the Context File.

Verifying the Stat Oracle Agent

The Stat® Oracle® Agent performs a series of validations when it’s started. The log, by default, is stored in <STAT_HOME>/log. Parameters in the stat.conf specify the log filename and optionally the log directory. With info level logging enabled, the last line of the log file should be read Main processor started if the agent started. For example:

The last line indicates the agent passed all validations and started successfully.

Configure the SYSTEM user account

In the section Update the System Maintenance Table , you were instructed to log into the application for the first time using the special SYSTEM user account. This account is the only way to log into Stat® until you define additional users. However, you cannot define additional Stat users until you have configured Stat to process outbound email and have defined a service domain and associated it with the SYSTEM account.

New users in Stat receive an auto-generated email containing a temporary password, allowing them to log in to the application. When processing the outbound email, Stat uses the SMTP settings configured for the default service domain of the administrator that defined the new user. The SYSTEM account is delivered without a default service domain, however, as none yet exist. This means that after configuring Stat to process outbound email, your next task is to define a service domain and associate it with the SYSTEM user account.

Also, the SYSTEM account is delivered without an email address. After defining a default service domain for the SYSTEM account, you should assign it an email address. This way, if you want to reset the SYSTEM account password for any reason, Stat can deliver a temporary password to the specified email address.

For more information about the SYSTEM account, see the book, Stat 6.0.0: System Administration, Chapter 1, Overview of Stat Administration.

Go to Maintenance | Stat Central Agent| Email Settings and configure the Stat Central Agent to process outbound email.
For detailed instructions, see the section “Outbound Mail Configuration” in the book, Stat 6.0.0: System Administration, Chapter 7, Email Configuration.
Go to Maintenance | General | Service Domain Maintenance and define a default service domain for the SYSTEM account.
Go to Maintenance | Security Settings| User Maintenance.
Select the SYSTEM user, click Access Information and select the service domain you just created as its default.
For more information, see the section Defining Stat Users in the book, Stat 6.0.0: System Administration, Chapter 3, Stat Security Settings.

Update the PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft Only)

Stat® requires a set of instructions in order to archive PeopleSoft® objects. These instructions must be loaded using a utility available under the Maintenance menu in Stat. The instructions are contained in the file, psominst.psr, which is installed to the Stat home directory. For more information on the PeopleSoft Object Mover Utility, see the book, Stat 6.0.0: System Administration, Chapter 2, Administrative Utilities.

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