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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Release Notes

General (General Tab)

The General page of the General tab of the Preferences window allows you to specify the general settings.

Character set (Default = English)

Character set

Specify the language set used to enter and display SQL and data. However, this setting does not affect the user interface language which is always in English.

Code Finder and Object Extractor (Default = checked)

Show extraction options

Specify whether to show the Extraction Criteria window when extracting object DDL in the Code Finder module and Objector Extractor module. The Extraction Criteria window allows the specification of the script information.

Display process description animation during optimization

Show process description (Default = checked)

Specify whether to show during the optimization process the animated explanation (displayed in the Information pane of the SQL Optimizer window) describing the optimization process.

Maximize window

Maximize the first window opened (Default = cleared)

Specify that the first window you open is maximized. Every window that you open after that also opens maximized.

If you "restore down" a window, then all open windows are "restored down" and any other window that is open is not maximized as it is open. Once all windows are closed, the next window that is open is maximized as it is opened.

Load Data Dictionary

Load database dictionary after database connection (Default = cleared)

Specify that the database dictionary is not automatically loaded into the memory of the computer every time you connect to a database. With this option unselected, the specific information that you need from the database is loaded when the SQL statement is parsed for functions such as scanning, optimization, and index generation. With this option unselected, the member lookup function used in text editing will not have all of the information about every database object.

SQL parameters

Enable SQL parameter history (Default = checked)

Specify to save the parameter information that you enter into the Parameters window so that next time that you are prompted to enter the values for the parameters, the data type and value that you last used for a parameter name are automatically entered for you. The parameter names are case sensitive, so dpt_id and DPT_ID are treated as two different parameters.

Maximum number of parameters (Default = 100, Range 10 - 9999)

Specify the maximum number of parameters that will be saved. When the maximum number is reached, the parameter name that is the longest unused will be removed from the file when a new parameter name is added.


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