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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

View Activity Log report

You can save or print the information in the report.

To print or view information stored in the activity log

  1. Select Report | Activity Log to open the Activity Log Report Criteria window.

  2. Select the information to view.

  3. Click OK to generate the report.

The following information may be displayed depending on the criteria you select.

User Information

Item Description

PC User

Windows user name used to logon to the PC.

Logon Name

Database logon name.

Server Name

Adaptive Server name.


Database user.


Database name.

Activity Information

Item Description


Date of when the activity was executed.


Activity type

SQL optimization (OP)   

Query plan generation (EP)   

Original SQL Type

The SQL Classification of SQL the original SQL (Simple, Complex or Problematic).

The information below is repeated for ALL RECORDS and FIRST RECORD.


The current status of the activity.


Plan generation completed


Optimization aborted


Optimization without any test run


Improvement found (after test running all SQL alternatives)


No improvement (after test running all SQL alternatives)


Improvement found (without testing running all SQL alternatives)


No improvement (without testing running all SQL alternatives)


Original SQL Time

The run time of the original SQL statement.

Best Alternative Time

Best run time from the alternative SQL statements.

Times of Improvement

Calculates how much faster the alternative is in comparison to the original SQL statement.

Note: The activity log information is retrieved from the Activity Log directory; therefore if any changes are made to this directory the information may not be retrieved.


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