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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

SQL History Window

The SQL History window displays the SQL statements that were used in several modules. The functions that can save SQL are Optimize, Advise Indexes, Run Time, Run Result, Show Plan and Execute. The Preferences settings determine in which functions the SQL statements are saved.

SQL Text drop-down field

Text to search for filtering SQL statements displayed in the grid.

Last Connection drop-down field

List of each unique connection for the SQL statements saved in the history list.

Last Action drop-down field

List of each unique action type for the SQL statements saved in the history list.

Apply Filter Button

Narrows the SQL statements displayed in the grid according to the selections in the SQL Text, Last Connection, and Last Action drop-down boxes.

Button Bar

Buttons for copying the selected SQL statement to other modules: Send to SQL Optimizer, Send to Index Advisor, Save SQL to SQL Repository, Copy to SQL Worksheet, and Copy SQL and Close Window.


Item Description


The SQL statements are numbered as they are saved in sequential order.

SQL Text

The text of the SQL statement. When you click a line, the full text of the SQL statement displays in the bottom pane of the window.

Last Used Datetime

The date and time the SQL was last used in one of the modules.

Last Connection

The connection information for the last time the SQL statement was used.

Last Action

The action that was used which caused the SQL statement to be saved.

Times Used

The number of times the SQL statement has been saved in the SQL History.


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