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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Right Pane for Scenario

In the Index Impact Analyzer window, when the Scenario folder is selected in the left pane, the following information displays in the right pane.

Properties button

Displays general information about the analysis and the index name.

Prognosis button

Displays 3 panes in the right section of the window.

Charts and Summary tabs [Top right pane]

The Chart tab displays five charts of the comparison information for the query plans from before the analysis and during the analysis.

The Summary tab displays summarized statistics for the Scenario,

SQL Classification and Plan Change Comparisons [Middle right pane]

A grid displays the information about each query plan from before the analysis and during the analysis in a comparison format.

SQL Text and SQL Information tabs [Bottom right pane]

The SQL statement that is highlight in the middle right pane is the one that displays in this pane.

The SQL Text tab displays the text of the SQL statement.

The SQL Information tab displays two SQL Information panes, one for the SQL information before the analysis and one for the SQL Information with the parameter changes.

Create/Drop Indexes button

Displays the script for creating and dropping the index sets. Click Execute image\B_Execute.gif located at the right of the Index Impact Analyzer window to create the new index or drop the index.


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