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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Retrieval Criteria (QP Metrics)

When using the QP Metrics, the Retrieval Criteria page of the Add/Modify Inspector wizard consists of the following settings:

Item Description

Target Database

Specific the database from which to retrieve the SQL statements and the run time statistics. This information is retrieved from the database.dbo.sysquerymetrics view.


All User

Specify to retrieve the SQL statements and Transact SQL executed by all users.

Selected User

Select the specific user from the Available User ID column

Group IDs

All Group IDs

Specify to retrieve the SQL statements and transact SQL saved in all groups.

Selected Group IDs

Select the specific group IDs from the Available Group ID column.

Number of SQL returned


Retrieve all SQL from the sysquerymetrics view.

Select Top "value" SQL with highest "criteria"

Select the number of SQL you want to be retrieved and the criteria for select those SQL statements from the drop-down boxes.


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